THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 31 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

During the down time between rounds, A-Troupe decides to go to the mall. Michelle promises Miss Kate that she will be back two hours early leaving her plenty of time to prepare for her solo. Elite overhears this and Lucian tells Tess to make sure Michelle does not get back in time for her solo.

While at the mall, Michelle quickly enters a store alone in order to by something for her mom. Tess follows her in and plants a perfume bottle in her bag. As Michelle tries to leave the store alarms go off and security escorts Michelle to their office. Security is not letting Michelle leave or make any phone calls.

Back at the competition, Miss Kate is getting nervous that Michelle is not back, and Amanda is nervous to go up against Michelle. Last year Elite got eliminated from the competition because of her solo routine. Amanda over hears Tess talking about how she made sure Michelle will be late and Amanda gets upset. She wants to make sure that she beats Michelle fair and square.

Miss Kate still worried that Michelle is not back agrees to let Riley perform the solo. It has been a while since Riley has rehearsed and she feels extremely unprepared and nervous. Back at the mall, Michelle finally convinces security to look at the surveillance footage. Once they see it wasn’t her who stole the perfume, Michelle races back to the competition.

Making it back just in time, Riley is relieved and Michelle quickly gets changed and hits the stage. Michelle’s anger with Elite turns into adrenaline. As she performs, Michelle is so glad she returned to dancing and her confidence is back. Her positive attitude shines through in her dancing and Michelle’s routine beats Amanda’s! The Next Step advances to the semi finals. Amanda congratulates Michelle and apologizes for everything. Amanda knows that The Next Step deserves to win it all.

How will A-Troupe do in the semi-finals?

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THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 30 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

It is the second round at Absolute Dance National Championship, which means it is time for the small group. Watching LOD perform makes Chloe nervous because going up against LOD means you are bound to go home. They are that good!

As Hunter, West and Eldon prepare for the small group, James is distracted as to whether he should do the b-twist or not. He has never landed it before and it would be a huge risk. Making it past this round for The Next Step would be huge because they have never got this far. The last time they attended Nationals, Miss Kate competed in the small group routine where they were eliminated. Winning would mean they would go father than they ever have before.

While in the lobby trying to decide if James should do the b-twist or not, Riley comes running out to the small group dancers to make sure they get ready. James decides that he will signal West with a nod if he decides to attempt the b-twist.

Before the boys hit the stage, Elite performs their routine and advance to the next round. The boys take the stage and have so much energy however, James does not do the b-twist as he feels it isn’t right. It doesn’t matter though because The Next Step moves on anyways to the duet round!

Riley, although she doesn’t admit it right away to James, is disappointed he never attempted the b-twist because she knows he could do it. After seeing LOD move onto the next round, Riley tells James that he should do the b-twist in their duet routine. With Riley having so much confidence in him, James agrees.

The routine goes on flawlessly and is a perfect combination of Riley’s ballet background, and James’ hip-hop background. James successfully lands the b-twist for the first time. As Riley and James take their bow, Riley tells James she loves him for the first time. James reciprocates the feelings with a kiss. The couple quickly gets embarrassed when they realize the whole audience saw! It doesn’t matter however, because The Next Step moves on to the next round.

Up next, female solos! How will Michelle do with her solo?

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THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 29 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

It is the second half of the first round at Absolute Dance National Championship. A-Troupe is patiently waiting for Eldon, their male soloist dancer, to take the stage. While in the lobby, Giselle runs into former The Next Step dancer Daniel who left The Next Step studio when offered the male soloist position at Superstar. Daniel although he won’t admit it to Giselle is still upset he lost the solo to Eldon and is giving Giselle the cold shoulder. Thalia tells Giselle not to worry about his behavior because he is just trying to stress her out.

Back on the stage, Life of Dance’s only male performer competes and him and LOD move onto the next round. With all the excitement Eldon forgot to check who he was up against. While checking the board he notices he is up against Superstar Dance’s male soloist Daniel. Daniel taking his one-on-one battle with Eldon as his one shot at revenge. James is not worried though as he brags to Daniel that Eldon is the better dancer. Eldon is focused and ready to prove he deserved the solo all along.

It is time to compete and Daniel is blowing A-Troupe, the judges and the crowd away. Miss Kate is proud of Daniel and how much he has grown since leaving although she hates to admit it. Daniel’s stellar performance only gives Eldon more adrenaline. Eldon completes his solo and does great. The dance really showcases Eldon’s emotional time at The Next Step studio. After watching Eldon perform Daniel cannot help but wonder if he has been over confident.

In the end, it is The Next Step who advances on. But, Daniel does not leave empty handed. While patching things up with his best friend Giselle, Daniel is approached by someone from Julliard and is asked to audition. Daniel realizes that you don’t have to win to be great.

Fun fact! Brennan Clost who plays Daniel is actually attending Julliard for dance.

The Next Step dancers have moved on to the small group round. How will Hunter, James, West and Eldon do?

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THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 28 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

It’s the moment The Next Step dancers have all been waiting for, Nationals! Nationals consist of a number of different elimination rounds that A-Troupe needs to survive through in order to make it to the finals. First up is the male soloist elimination round. Eldon, the male soloist for A-Troupe, reflects on the strength of his team and concludes that The Next Step is stronger than ever.

While Eldon watches the other male dancers compete, Giselle, West and Emily, represent A-Troupe in a scavenger hunt to win tickets to see Shawn Desman perform. Some of the scavenger hunt activities include finding a seat, solving a riddle to find a costume, and taking a picture with Shawn Desman. Working together Giselle, West and Emily are able to outwit Elite and pull ahead. There luck begins to run out when the line up to take a photo with Shawn Desman is ridiculously long. West comes up with the idea to pretend to be a celebrity in order to cut the line. Using his alter ego Compass, the trio takes a picture with Shawn, which puts them in the lead and the winners of the tickets to see Shawn perform.

Back at the competition, A-Troupe watches Elite’s male soloist Max perform. His performance is great and a lot better than they thought. The Next Step dancers view him as a mix of Daniel and Eldon as he is both graceful and powerful. After Max’s breathtaking routine, Elite moves on.

How will Eldon’s solo routine go? Will it be enough for A-Troupe to move on?

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THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 27 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

With Amanda being a double agent and returning to Elite, Miss Kate gives the small group routine to Hunter, James, Eldon and West. Their rehearsals are spent goofing around and so when Miss Kate asks to see what they have so far, all they can show her is their opening pose. Miss Kate is far from impressed by their joke and invites Luther Brown, a well-known choreographer, to help the boys with their routine. Wanting to impress Luther, Hunter, West, James and Eldon show off their best moves. Luther thinks their moves are great but wants them to have more control over their actions. He decides to have them race. Instead of the winner being the fastest, the race will be in slow motion and the last person to cross the finish line is the winner. After some dramatic tripping and punching, West wins the race earning him a solo within the routine. The boys finish their routine and could not be happier.

Meanwhile, Giselle and Thalia are giving Michelle the cold shoulder. Worried that she is not one hundred percent focused on dance after leaving the studio for so long, Thalia and Giselle are acting odd towards Michelle. Michelle picking up on their odd behaviour confronts the two girls and assures them that she is committed to the team and would never leave her family again.

While rehearsing their small group routine, Eldon looks to James for girl advice. James’ advice is a little odd. He tells Eldon that his personality will be mature enough for girls and he will be ready to date only when he reaches thirty pirouettes.

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THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 26 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

With Michelle back at The Next Step and James and Riley finally back together it seems as if things for A-Troupe are finally back to normal.  Giselle and Thalia even decide to give James and Riley their duet back because the chemistry between them is so strong and real. However, Riley is concerned because ever since getting back together with James, there has been a lack of connection between them. As James and Riley begin to rehearse they quickly realize that things are not going so well.

With Amanda back at Elite and Michelle dancing with The Next Step once again, Miss Kate happily offers Michelle her solo back. At first Michelle is a little unsure. With so much time spent away from dance, Michelle only agrees to take on the solo again if she gets more time to rehearse. Miss Kate gives Michelle studio time to practice her routine but Michelle isn’t one hundred percent positive she can pull it off.

Meanwhile at Culture Shock, Emily catches West talking to himself. After calling West out on his weird behaviour, West tells Emily that he likes to people watch and guess what conversations they are having. Emily decides to join in and together they try and guess what Thalia and Giselle are saying. Emily is really enjoying spending her free time with West. West wants to know more about Emily and know what things she likes to do. After thinking about what her thing is for a while, Emily takes West to the mall to return things. The two put on a dramatic scene and get the sales associate to return a scarf that is against store policy.

Back in the studio, Michelle is nervously practicing her routine when Eldon, who she has not talked to in a while, walks in. Eldon asks Michelle to show him some of her routine.  As Michelle shows Eldon her routine, he is starting to notice Michelle’s lack of confidence and offers her feedback on how to improve.  Michelle then helps Eldon on his solo by giving him a great idea to add emotion into the dance. Although the two have been through a lot, after helping out one another with their routines Michelle and Eldon are finally okay as friends once again.

Knowing that things between her and James are not great, Riley goes to her sister Emily for advice. Emily tells Riley that James spent so much time completing the list to show her how much he cares, that it is now Riley’s time to return the favour and do the same. Riley agrees and sets up a romantic surprise date in the park for James. The night goes just as planned and the duo agrees to stop trying to be who they were. Together they toast to a new them.

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THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 25 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

Riley knew all along that Emily was only going back to her old ways in order to get proof that Amanda was trying to take down The Next Step. Now with Emily’s back against the wall and facing suspension from The Next Step studio, Riley is determined to get the proof she needs to expose Amanda.

Riley decides to go to Culture Shock to meet up with Chloe one on one. While the two discuss everything that has been going on, they notice Amanda buying smoothies with Stephanie. While paying, Stephanie notices that the bill Amanda was paying with had little kid drawings all over it. Knowing that Margie was drawing on the studio’s National money before it was stolen, Chloe clues in and knows that Amanda was the one who took the money.

With this information, Chloe and Emily get the drawn on bill and report back to Miss Kate and the rest of the A-Troupe dancers. When Miss Kate confronts Amanda about this new piece of information, Amanda confesses and reveals her whole plan. With only nine dancers left, and no possibility of Michelle rejoining the team, Amanda’s work is done and she rejoins Elite.

The A-Troupe dancers are shocked and disappointed that they never saw this coming. They truly trusted Amanda and respected her as their dance captain. The A-Troupe dancers also apologize for pushing Emily away as she tried to help. After a group hug, Emily feels that a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

Having just completed his First Aid course, James comes running into the studio full of life and excitement. Not knowing that they are no longer eligible to compete in Nationals, James has no idea why everyone is so upset. Once told the news, James’ happy go lucky attitude quickly darkens.

After being on the phone for a long time, Miss Kate rejoins The Next Step dancers with some bad news. Someone called Nationals and informed them that The Next Step was short a dancer. With not many options left, A-Troupe knows the only way they can go to Nationals is if they get Michelle back…fast!

Although having completed Riley’s almost impossible list, Riley adds one more task for James; to get Michelle back. Right away James accepts and tells his plan to his fellow dancers. James goes to Michelle’s school in order to sit down and talk to her alone. While eating pizza together, it is clear that Michelle is not going to open up easily to James. James decides to invite Michelle to the mall with him instead.

At the mall, Michelle decides to tell James why she quit dance because she knows that there is nothing he can do to make her change her mind. After telling James she quit dance because she stopped loving it, James assures Michelle he can win her back. While going down a set of escalators, the mall turns into a giant flash mob. Hundreds of dancers of all different dance genres are there in order to show Michelle just how fun dance is. Michelle at first tries to run away, but when she witnesses a duet between two ballet dancers, she cannot help but join in. Amazed by all the dancers and how much A-Troupe needs her, Michelle accepts and rejoins The Next Step.

Did Michelle make the right decision by rejoining A-Troupe? Find out Friday at 7:30PM on Family Channel.

THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 24 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

One of Chloe’s duties at The Next Step studios is to help Miss Kate keep track of the money. While counting the money with Miss Kate in the office, Margie, a junior ballet dancer is also there. Margie has really helped Chloe come out of her shell and open up. Miss Kate notices that Margie was drawing smiling faces on the National money and tells her that it’s illegal, no matter how cute the drawings are. Having to go instruct class, Chloe locks the money up and puts the key in her bag.

Watching all of this happen from the studio, is Emily and Amanda. Amanda gets an idea for a new plan to take down The Next Step. This time, they are going to steal the cash box so Chloe gets kicked out and they will be down a dancer. As Amanda is telling Emily her plan, Emily is trying to think of a way to have it backfire on Amanda.

As Amanda practices her solo routine for Nationals, the A-Troupe dancers reflect on how proud they are of her and how great it was that she stepped up as dance captain.  Miss Kate informs the dancers that someone is required to become First Aid certified. With no one volunteering, Riley volunteers James. James quickly agrees after Riley tells him by completing this task he will complete the list and no longer have to do number seven. James convinces Riley to do the course with him.

Amanda puts her plan to steal the money in action. She makes a double of Chloe’s key and then uses it to open the moneybox, steal the money and place it all in Chloe’s bag. After Amanda leaves, Emily switches the key and money from Chloe’s bag to Amanda’s. When Miss Kate notices that all the money is missing, she is forced to ask Chloe to leave. However, Emily steps up and points the finger at Amanda. Amanda always being one step ahead, tells Miss Kate she never stole it and to check her bag. After her bag was checked and clear, she suggests they all check Emily’s bag. Emily is not surprised when the key and money are found in her bag. Miss Kate and the A-Troupe dancers are more than disappointed in Emily and she is suspended.

Meanwhile, things at the First Aid training lessons are not going so well. The instructor is even more harsh and crazy than James’ driving instructor…if that is even possible. After being paired with an old Bingo-loving senior, James is forced to give her the kiss of life and perform CPR on her. All while Riley is paired with a cute young boy. James tells his older partner his love for Riley and she convinces the instructor to have them switch partners. Just as James and Riley are finally partners, Riley receives an urgent text from her sister.

Will Emily be able to convince Miss Kate it was Amanda who stole the money and not her? Find out Friday November 7th at 7:30PM.

THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Finale Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

After hard work and teamwork The Next Step dancers have come all together to advance to the finals of Nationals. However,  with Emily newly injured and no alternates to take her place it seems as if it is the end of the road for A-Troupe.

Just as Miss Kate is about to announce to the National officials their withdrawal from the competition, Amanda appears with some bittersweet news. The Next Step does not have to forfeit if Amanda dances with them as she registered with The Next Step when she was trying to take them down. Upon hearing this otherwise amazing news, A-Troupe is hesitant to welcome Amanda with open arms due to their past. However, Amanda taking Emily’s place is their only hope for competing in the finals and The Next Step allows Amanda to dance with them.

Amanda is happy because not only does she want to see The Next Step win and be on a winning team, but she wants forgiveness from A-Troupe.

Up first to perform is LOD. Life of Dance, also know as Ladies of Destruction gives an amazing performance, which is no surprise. Their dance follows the storyline of models and celebrities being followed by paparazzi. The dance was clean and the dancers were all in sync. The Next Step knows they need to put everything in their performance to beat LOD.

Luckily for The Next Step, Amanda learned their dance before going back to Elite. Their dance starts off with a duet by Eldon and Michelle, followed by a circus routine featuring flips and tricks. Emily watches her team from the side lines and is sad that she cannot be dancing along side her friends but is so proud and impressed with how far they have come.

After their performance James knows they have a shot at winning the whole thing, but it all depends on how the judges decide the winner. If they favor technique, LOD will win Nationals, but if they favor performance, The Next Step will take it home. In the end, the judges favored performance and The Next Step wins Nationals for the first time.

To celebrate the win, A-Troupe dances and cheers together and West runs to Emily and kisses her. The Next Step will be moving onto Internationals!

However, not all is well when A-Troupe returns back to The Next Step Studio. They are being evicted and only have a week to leave the building. With no place to rehearse and practice their routines, A-Troupe may have to forfeit Internationals. That is until Lucien proposes an idea. He suggests that A-Troupe and Elite merge into one and compete at Internationals together.

Will Miss Kate accept Lucian offer? We will just have to wait until Season 3 to find out!

In the meantime, you can learn all about The Next Step app  and download it for yourself here.

THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 32 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

A-Troupe could not be more excited that they advanced to the semi finals! While rehearsing on stage, Thalia is looking for a sweet spot. Eldon notices her looking around and shows her his. They decide to keep it a secret between them.

Emily looks on as the team rehearses and is worried they won’t be good enough. West runs up to Emily and asks her something that has been on his mind. West asks Emily on a date. Emily is shocked at why someone like West would ask out someone like her. West says it is because he sees the good in her. This makes Emily believe in herself a bit more however she is still not one hundred percent convinced she should go out with West.

As The Next Step wait to take the stage, Life of Dance moves on and eliminates CDC. This will be the fourth year LOD makes it to the finals. As A-Troupe waits in the wings, they know they have some stiff competition as the team they are going up against made it to the finals last year.

Right before The Next Step takes the stage, West shows Emily a book. The book is about fire fairies and West tells Emily that that is why he likes her. She is powerful, but very loyal. Emily is impressed, but tells West to focus on the dance.

It is time for The Next Step to compete. The dance is all about teamwork. Emily can feel them all moving as one and knows that they can win. During the last move, Emily lands funny and injures her knee.

The bad landing did not matter to the judges because The Next Step moves onto the finals. However, without an alternate and with Emily injured A-Troupe is at risk of being eliminated.

What will The Next Step do now? Find out on the season two finale Friday January 2nd at 7:30PM on Family Channel.