THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 24 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

One of Chloe’s duties at The Next Step studios is to help Miss Kate keep track of the money. While counting the money with Miss Kate in the office, Margie, a junior ballet dancer is also there. Margie has really helped Chloe come out of her shell and open up. Miss Kate notices that Margie was drawing smiling faces on the National money and tells her that it’s illegal, no matter how cute the drawings are. Having to go instruct class, Chloe locks the money up and puts the key in her bag.

Watching all of this happen from the studio, is Emily and Amanda. Amanda gets an idea for a new plan to take down The Next Step. This time, they are going to steal the cash box so Chloe gets kicked out and they will be down a dancer. As Amanda is telling Emily her plan, Emily is trying to think of a way to have it backfire on Amanda.

As Amanda practices her solo routine for Nationals, the A-Troupe dancers reflect on how proud they are of her and how great it was that she stepped up as dance captain.  Miss Kate informs the dancers that someone is required to become First Aid certified. With no one volunteering, Riley volunteers James. James quickly agrees after Riley tells him by completing this task he will complete the list and no longer have to do number seven. James convinces Riley to do the course with him.

Amanda puts her plan to steal the money in action. She makes a double of Chloe’s key and then uses it to open the moneybox, steal the money and place it all in Chloe’s bag. After Amanda leaves, Emily switches the key and money from Chloe’s bag to Amanda’s. When Miss Kate notices that all the money is missing, she is forced to ask Chloe to leave. However, Emily steps up and points the finger at Amanda. Amanda always being one step ahead, tells Miss Kate she never stole it and to check her bag. After her bag was checked and clear, she suggests they all check Emily’s bag. Emily is not surprised when the key and money are found in her bag. Miss Kate and the A-Troupe dancers are more than disappointed in Emily and she is suspended.

Meanwhile, things at the First Aid training lessons are not going so well. The instructor is even more harsh and crazy than James’ driving instructor…if that is even possible. After being paired with an old Bingo-loving senior, James is forced to give her the kiss of life and perform CPR on her. All while Riley is paired with a cute young boy. James tells his older partner his love for Riley and she convinces the instructor to have them switch partners. Just as James and Riley are finally partners, Riley receives an urgent text from her sister.

Will Emily be able to convince Miss Kate it was Amanda who stole the money and not her? Find out Friday November 7th at 7:30PM.


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