The Next Step Dance Academy App

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

If you are already missing tuning into new episodes of The Next Step every Friday on Family Channel like we are, have no fear because The Next Step Dance Academy App is here!

This new iPad app allows fans of the show The Next Step to learn ten dance routines taught by some of the cast.

The Next Step Dance Academy will allow its user to learn ten unique dance styles. For every style they complete a completion badge is rewarded. Collect all ten badges and become an honorary A-Troupe Member.

The app is free to download and comes with one free dance lesson. Additional lessons are $1.99.

Here is a list of the cast members and dance styles you can master with The Next Step Dance Academy:

  • Thalia – Jazz & Lyrical
  • Riley – Hip Hop & Contemporary
  • Eldon – Pop and Lock & Freestyle
  • Giselle – Broadway & Ballet
  • James – Break Dancing & Street Style

To download the app and start your journey to become an A-Troupe Member visit the iTunes Store.

You can also follow The Next Step Dance Academy on Instagram and YouTube.


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