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Earlier this year, Family Channel announced that Victoria Bladesarra (Michelle), Brittany Raymond (Riley), Trevor Tordjman (James), Jordan Clark (Giselle), Lamar Johnson (West), Issac Lupien (Eldon), Jennie Pappas (Chloe) and Taveeta Szymanowicz (Thalia), better known as The Next Step cast would be going on a Canada wide tour in 2015.

The twenty-one-city interactive dance experience proved to be a hit among fans as tickets sold out quickly. To meet fan demands, Family Channel and The Next Step have announced a fifteen-show addition to the tour.

This now forty show tour takes off February 3rd in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and wraps up in Ottawa on March 29th!

The Magazine got the chance to sit down with Victoria Baldesarra and Trevor Tordjman to discuss the upcoming tour and what they are most excited for. Make sure you keep reading for a special edition of “Most Likely.”

The Magazine: Fifteen new tour dates have been added to The Next Step Live On Stage Tour, which is amazing! What were you thinking when you realized just how popular the tour is?

Victoria: Oh wow! It was ridiculous. I went online just randomly on Family Channel to see how the shows were doing and all of the sudden I saw all of these shows sold out! I was like “What? This is insane!” It hadn’t even been open for like a week.

Trevor: I didn’t think I could get more excited, but that kind of did it for me. Just adding more shows! We were already pumped for the fact that they were already sold out because that is insane. We are really looking forward to it.

The Magazine: What can people expect from The Next Step Live On Stage Tour?

Trevor: They can expect to see some of their favourite dances that they have seen on the TV show. They can expect to see more new dances. All of it’s going to be very interactive so I think that they can really get to know us. So, I think it’s going to be a cool show for them to check out.

Victoria: Yeah, there is going to be a lot of us compared to the mall tour. With the mall tour there was only six of us, but on this one there are eight of us. So, just the two more people add so much more.

Trevor: Totally! Plus it will be a whole show. If you want to see us live this is the place to see us because we are going to have a whole show. Plenty of different dances, it will be great.

Victoria: Wide range, yeah.

The Magazine: As you mentioned, you did the mall tour last year and now the tour will be in theatres. How does it feel knowing that you can make this transition in just one year?

Victoria: Oh yeah I know! It is crazy! It is insane. I know when we first heard about the mall tour and we were invited to do it, it was like “Wow! Really? People want to see us live?” Then we showed up at the malls and there were thousands of people. We were expecting a couple hundred. So we were blown away by the reaction. Then, we started hearing about a theatre tour and we just thought that the mall tour was only a year ago, how is this possible? It is insane to know that it has taken off like that.

The Magazine: There will definitely be a lot of people there. Do you get nervous when you do performances like these?

Trevor: I don’t necessarily get nervous. I just get a rush. You know what I mean? I get a huge adrenaline rush. You all of the sudden just jump from this high to just four feet high! It’s more so an energy thing for me and I just get really excited.

Victoria: We are really used to performing and even on set there are nerves because you cannot mess up. Right? You don’t want to mess up. But honestly I think it is like what Trevor said. Just a rush.

Trevor: Totally. Yeah. We have always been performing on stage our whole lives. Lately it has been a lot of film, so I am really excited to get back on stage because I haven’t been on stage or in a show for so long so I cannot wait.

The Magazine: A lot of musicians have preshow rituals, as dancers do you anything that you like to do before you go out and perform?

Trevor: Not so much. I don’t.

Victoria: Well, I mean I kind of have my own personal thing where I talk to myself in my head depending on the performance. I know as a team we always amp each other up and huddle in and talk to each other about what we need to do.

Trevor: Maybe we will make a ritual while being on tour together for two months.

The Magazine: You are going across Canada, which is amazing! Is there any city you are most excited for?

Trevor: I have been to Vancouver before but I just love the city so I cannot wait to get back to it.

Victoria: I haven’t really been out west that much. I have been more out east, but I am excited.

The Magazine: And you are probably excited to meet all your fans across Canada?

Trevor: Of course!

Victoria: So excited!

Trevor: Meeting the fans is always great. I love to see their reactions and what they think of the show and what they have to say. I love to meet the fans.

Victoria: Yeah, they are the most supportive.

The Magazine: You will be on tour for two months. What are your must haves that you need to have with you while on tour?

Victoria: I was actually just talking about this today. I love my sweaters so I will be definitely packing all my sweaters and my winter jacket. I am always cold.

Trevor: Hmm, I haven’t really thought about this. I will definitely just need music for sure. On all the long drives and stuff I will listen to music.

Victoria: Headphones!

Trevor: Yeah, headphones definitely.

The Magazine: What are you most excited for about travelling across Canada with your cast mates?

Trevor: It will be fun!

Victoria: It will be awesome.

Trevor: I think we will all get to see how we really live and are. We are together all the time, like everyday, but we still go home when we got to sleep. But now, it will just be us solely for two months with each other.

Victoria: Yeah, I mean we try and get together as much as we can. We probably see each other once a week or something, but now we will be with each other for two months!

Trevor: I am really excited to see how everyone really lives and stuff.

The Magazine: We have a couple “Most Likely” questions about who is most likely to do what while on tour. So, who is most likely to stay up all night while watching Netflix?

Trevor: Probably Isaac who plays Eldon. He is up all night anyways.

The Magazine: Most likely to sleep in and almost miss rehearsals?

Victoria: Ooh.

Trevor: That’s me. I sleep in a lot. Sometimes my body is just like “You are not waking up!”

The Magazine: Most likely to make a mess? 

Victoria: Isaac.

Trevor: Oh, Isaac for sure! Definitely Isaac.

Victoria: Not going to lie though, Brittany (Riley) is kind of messy. She might be a little messy. Brittany, you know, whenever I go to her apartment her room is kind of…clothes everywhere! Shoes everywhere! I am just like “Brittany, it takes two seconds to clean up!” And she is just like “Uhhh, I don’t want to.”

The Magazine: Most likely to take the longest getting ready?

Victoria: Oh me.

Trevor: Lamar (West) too though! Lamar too! Lamar definitely takes his time to get ready as well.

The Magazine: Most likely to annoy others by blasting their music while on the bus.

Trevor: Oh that is Isaac.

Victoria: Oh that is Isaac.

Trevor: Isaac plays techno. Just boom boom boom. That is definitely him.

The Magazine: We talked about so much great stuff, but what are you most excited for on this tour? 

Trevor: I just cannot wait to actually do the shows. Everywhere. I cannot just wait to be performing for a solid two months. I just love to perform.

Victoria: Along with that, I am just so excited to travel. I love travelling.

Trevor: And it is also going to be a whole new experience. We never toured across the country in a bus.

Victoria: Yeah, and doing it in the winter too! There is sure to be some pretty sights.

Thanks Victoria and Trevor!

For more information about the tour, tour dates and how you can get tickets, visithttp://www.family.ca/the-next-step-live/

Make sure to catch Trevor and Victoria on The Next Step Fridays at 7:30 on Family Channel.



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Starring as James in the hit series The Next Step, it is obvious that Trevor Tordjman can dance and act. But, did you also know he is the founder of a company! Trevor, a real triple threat, is the director of Raw Motion Dance Co. Raw Motion Dance provides students dance conventions and in-studio workshops lead by Canadian chorographers and teachers. Amongst these teachers are some of the cast members of The Next Step.

Registration is currently open for workshops in the new year! On January 11th in Toronto, and on January 15th in Kitchener, youth can sign up for a day of dance lead by Trevor Tordjman (James), Brittany Raymond (Riley), and other The Next Step cast members!

The Magazine got the chance to talk with Trevor about Raw Motion Dance, the upcoming conventions, and when he first knew he wanted to have a career in dance. 

FInal Logo-RAW(Blk)

The Magazine: You are one of the founders for Raw Motion Dance. How did you come up with the idea to start this company?

Trevor: Well, to tell you the truth, I would get hired a lot to go teach dance at studios, for dance studios, and do some choreography. I just thought why not while I am doing this, why don’t I try and build a name to this so I can also grow a business. Also, some of my other family members run a business. My mom runs a business and my older brother runs a business. It was kind of always something that interested me, so I kind of just always indulged myself into it and then it just started to evolve from there.

The Magazine: How would you describe your company Raw Motion Dance?

Trevor: So, Raw Motion Dance, we basically go and get a big convention centre and kids can sign up online, or we can help them with the process through our email. Basically, they sign up and come for a full day of dance. So they take classes from all of our faculty members. Our faculty members are our choreographers and a lot of them star in the series The Next Step. We have JORDAN CLARK who won So You Think You Can Dance. We also have EVERETT SMITH who also was on So You Think You Can Dance. They sign up and they take classes in all different genres. We offer classes in hip hop, contemporary, jazz, and then we have a little special segment where they can choose which kind of style they want to take and that includes tap, broadway and jazz funk. Also within the day, there is a little meet and greet so all the kids that signed up can meet all of the teachers and get their picture taken, and get an autograph. At the end, we have a little award ceremony for the kids that stood out. Everybody is welcome. You know, anybody from ages five, six, all the way up to eighteen.

The Magazine: You started dancing at the age of four at your mom’s studio, but when was the moment that you knew dance was what you wanted to do?

Trevor: To tell you the truth, I got very inspired by my cousin who was a hip-hop teacher at the time. So, it wasn’t until about twelve when I started to learn all these crazy cool breakdancing moves and I started to pick up the choreography, that hey this is something that I really love to do. So it wasn’t until about twelve or thirteen that I realized how much I love dance and then from that point on I just started working as hard as I possibly could.

The Magazine: As you mentioned earlier, a lot of the faculty members are from the show The Next Step. What is it like working with them off of set?

Trevor: To tell you the truth, we are all such good friends so they are already such cool people. But also, it is unbelievable how amazing their choreography is. Not only are they great dancers, but they are great choreographers. So, part of my motive beginning this convention is I really wanted to showcase that. We all do a lot of choreography and I really want people to see that. Working with them more outside of set and more into the dance industry and convention world is amazing. I love it.

The Magazine: You have two dance conventions coming up in January, one in Toronto and one in Kitchener, what can people signing up for that expect?

Trevor: They can accept a wonderful, super fun day full of dance. They can also expect to meet all of our faculty members who once again star in The Next Step, and star in So You Think You Can Dance in the past season. It will just be so much fun. A day to remember for sure.

The Magazine: What is your advice to those who may feel that aren’t the best dancer, but still would love to attend?

Trevor: Well my advice for them is even if they still want to come out, we have different levels of dance within the convention. So they sign up for a level that they feel comfortable in. To tell you the truth, it is a bunch of kids at all different levels, and it is just mainly to have fun and to push your comfort zone a little bit. If it is challenging, in my eyes, that is a great thing. As long as you are having fun, and constantly improving because it’s challenging, I don’t think it is a bad idea at all to sign up.

The Magazine: The cool thing about this convention is that you get to meet your fans one on one. What is it like when you get to meet your fans that way?

Trevor: I love to meet all my fans! They always have such great things to say, and I love the fact that they are finally getting to meet us and kind of fulfill their dreams. It is so unbelievable to them, and to us it is so great to have them support us with everything we do. I love to just talk to them and see where their head is at.

The Magazine: You yourself will be teaching some dance at the convention. Is there any songs you currently love to dance to?

Trevor: To tell you the truth, that new Bruno Mars song. I love that song. Don’t believe me just watch! Yeah, that one!

Thanks Trevor!

To find out more information about the upcoming conventions and how you can sign up make sure to check out Raw Motion Dance’s website! http://rawmotiondance.com/


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The Next Step - James & Riley | Alexandria McLean

The Next Step fans get ready because today marks the premiere of the second half of Season 2! The first half of Season 2 left off on a serious cliffhanger! With A-Troupe dancers having quit the team, and Elite trying to take The Next Step down from the inside, the dancers need to come together with nationals fast approaching. The rest of Season 2 will be sure to have even more drama and great dancing!

The cast of The Next Step showed off some of those dancing skills at this year’s Big Ticket Summer Concert, and fans could not have been more excited! Screams filled Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre as the cast showcased their skills on stage.

Before all the screaming and cheering, The Magazine got the chance to sit down with Trevor Tordjman, Brittany Raymond and Jordan Clark, who play James, Riley and Giselle respectfully. These A-Troupe dancers told us all about what to expect from the second half of Season 2, and even gave some advice on what it takes to reach your dreams.

The Magazine: What can we expect to see in the second half of season two?

Trevor: Oooh!

Jordan: The most drama! The most drama possible!

Trevor: Oh, yeah!

Jordan: That’s about it. Can’t give too much away. More fantastic dancing!

Brittany: Yes, a lot more dancing in the second half, and I think the drama is more intense and I think it does get a little lighter.

Trevor: Yeah, there is some relief though. There is some comedic relief for sure in the second season. No matter what though, I think the fans will love it. The second half of season two, for me at least, some of my favourite episodes are right in there.

The Next Step - Giselle | Alexandria McLean

The Magazine: What has been your favourite episode to shoot so far?

Brittany: I liked the beach episode, because we were outside for once. Since we are usually inside all summer long. I also liked the fashion episode from Season 2.

Jordan: Oh, that one was so much fun just because we got to be so fierce in it.

Trevor: It is really hard to choose now that I am thinking about all of them. There are so many good ones. Anytime she names one, I am like “Ooooh, that one!” I really liked the Battle of the Seeds, also all the regional episodes are amazing as well.

Jordan: One of my favourites is the episode with Lamar, West and I, and it is just a very competitive scenario, and the popcorn scene is probably my favourite.

Trevor: Oh, that scene was hilarious!

Jordan: The fashion show is right up there with it.

Trevor: The fashion show was pretty sweet!

The Magazine: Season three is currently in the works, is there anything you hope to see happen?

Trevor: I think it would be cool to collaborate with some other artists in some way.

Jordan: It would be cool to have two shows come together.

Trevor: Yeah, maybe have another show. I think that would be really cool.

The Magazine: Is there any particular show you have in mind?

Trevor: Oh, definitely Phineas and Ferb! Haha, kidding! Honestly anybody to work with. It is so nice to meet new people.

Brittany: Even when we come to do stuff like this at Big Ticket Summer, it’s nice to meet all these other Family stars. They are all so amazing and cool and down to earth. It’s really nice.

Jordan: It’s really nice to see the other people that are on the channel as well. It’s really fun finding out who they really are as people.

The Magazine: You will be shooting an episode with a live fan audience. What are you most excited for about that?

Trevor: That’s what we are excited for. I am really excited to see the fans. Normally it is just extras.

Jordan: The nerves are there already.

Brittany: Just thinking about it, I get butterflies.

Trevor: I am excited; I don’t know what you guys are talking about. They will give us the best reaction. Since they want to be there, I think it will really show. That helps us while we are dancing. When the audience is crazy, we are crazy.

The Magazine: How much time goes into rehearsals before filming an episode?

Brittany: We actually do a month of rehearsals before we film and we learn as many dances as we can. Throughout filming, whenever we are not filming a scene, we are in rehearsals.

Trevor: It gets hard because not everyone is together all the time. A lot of it for us is like crunch time. We are just getting it together before we go on stage. I think we have gotten good at that, we have gotten used to it. We work really well with each other.

Jordan: We know what each other’s strengths are so we can get it done (or down?) as fast as possible so we can learn more. On Wednesday we just finished a dance that is getting filmed next week. You know what I mean? It’s like let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! So this week coming up is crunch time and we are going to have to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

The Magazine: You have fans all over the world! Did you ever think the show would be this big?

Jordan: Not at all!

Brittany: I remember filming Season 1 and thinking that this was such a cool show and I hope it does well, it will just be in Canada but still that is so awesome. Now it’s worldwide!

Trevor: It’s crazy! It’s insane to interact with fans across the world.

Jordan: It is just strange that people write to us on Instagram in different languages. It is quite amazing. We are very fortunate to know that everybody is watching the show and we are just happy. Just really happy about it!

The Next Step - James & Riley | Alexandria McLean

The Magazine: A fan favourite is definitely Jiley! If you got to ship yourself with anyone, who would it be?

Trevor: We talked about this the other day!

Brittany: We did! I think my pick would be Ryan Gosling. Just because you know, it’s Ryan Gosling.

Jordan: Mine was Chris Hemsworth.

Trevor: I have so many! Let me just choose. This week’s…I think I said Blake Lively. Ooh, or what is that girl from Modern Family?

Jordan: Sophia Vergara?

Trevor: Yes! Her!

Jordan: Don’t kill me!

Brittany: She is so funny!

The Magazine: This is your third year doing Big Ticket Summer, and you went out east to Halifax for the first time. How was that?

Brittany: That was so much fun!

Trevor: Halifax was so crazy.

Jordan: I think I just exploded with excitement. I was on the speaker dancing! We just all went crazy!

Brittany: We just all didn’t have much sleep the night before, so I was pretty tired during the day. As soon as the show came, we got so pumped and I got so much energy from the fans. Literally right after we performed we were so pumped, and then got on the plane and just knocked out.

Trevor: Also, Brittany and I got to go to Calgary last year and it was crazy. Also, I don’t think I expected Halifax to be as big as it was! It was massive. It was sold out crazy, so many people there! We loved that.

Jordan: The fans were extraordinary. Amazing!

The Magazine: You are all from Toronto, or around Toronto. What are your favourite things to do in the city?

Brittany: Starbucks! I like Starbucks.

Jordan: She loves the Starbucks.

Brittany: Sushi! Sushi! As well as shopping!

Trevor: I went to a restaurant the other day in Yorkville that was amazing! It was called Sassafraz. Oh, and in Mississauga, I went to this trampoline place, I forgot what it was called, but it was crazy!

The Next Step - GiselleThe Magazine: What advice do you have for children to go into this field?

Brittany: I think the biggest thing would be confidence in what you bring to the table. Especially with dance, I know that if you train and have great technique, even if you are not as strong in one area, just focus on the areas you are strong in and show what you can do. Just be confident in that.

Jordan: If you have the drive and the passion to do it, I think it is totally achievable. I think if you know, some people say “Oh I want to do this” and kind of relax and not really take it seriously. If you truly want to do something, and really put the effort in I think that it is absolutely possible.

Trevor: It takes a lot of hard work for sure, but if you have enough passion, nothing is impossible.

The Magazine: Anything you would like to say to The Magazine readers?

Trevor: Oh we love them!

Brittany: We love you guys! Thank you so much. None of this would be possible without any of you, so thank you all.

Jordan: Thank you for the support!

Trevor: (blows a kiss) I blew a kiss!

Jordan: All of us just kisses!

Thanks Jordan, Trevor and Brittany!

Tune into Family Channel tonight at 7:30PM for the premiere of the second half of Season 2! We know we’ll be watching!

The Next Step - James & Riley | Alexandria McLean

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