THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 25 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

Riley knew all along that Emily was only going back to her old ways in order to get proof that Amanda was trying to take down The Next Step. Now with Emily’s back against the wall and facing suspension from The Next Step studio, Riley is determined to get the proof she needs to expose Amanda.

Riley decides to go to Culture Shock to meet up with Chloe one on one. While the two discuss everything that has been going on, they notice Amanda buying smoothies with Stephanie. While paying, Stephanie notices that the bill Amanda was paying with had little kid drawings all over it. Knowing that Margie was drawing on the studio’s National money before it was stolen, Chloe clues in and knows that Amanda was the one who took the money.

With this information, Chloe and Emily get the drawn on bill and report back to Miss Kate and the rest of the A-Troupe dancers. When Miss Kate confronts Amanda about this new piece of information, Amanda confesses and reveals her whole plan. With only nine dancers left, and no possibility of Michelle rejoining the team, Amanda’s work is done and she rejoins Elite.

The A-Troupe dancers are shocked and disappointed that they never saw this coming. They truly trusted Amanda and respected her as their dance captain. The A-Troupe dancers also apologize for pushing Emily away as she tried to help. After a group hug, Emily feels that a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

Having just completed his First Aid course, James comes running into the studio full of life and excitement. Not knowing that they are no longer eligible to compete in Nationals, James has no idea why everyone is so upset. Once told the news, James’ happy go lucky attitude quickly darkens.

After being on the phone for a long time, Miss Kate rejoins The Next Step dancers with some bad news. Someone called Nationals and informed them that The Next Step was short a dancer. With not many options left, A-Troupe knows the only way they can go to Nationals is if they get Michelle back…fast!

Although having completed Riley’s almost impossible list, Riley adds one more task for James; to get Michelle back. Right away James accepts and tells his plan to his fellow dancers. James goes to Michelle’s school in order to sit down and talk to her alone. While eating pizza together, it is clear that Michelle is not going to open up easily to James. James decides to invite Michelle to the mall with him instead.

At the mall, Michelle decides to tell James why she quit dance because she knows that there is nothing he can do to make her change her mind. After telling James she quit dance because she stopped loving it, James assures Michelle he can win her back. While going down a set of escalators, the mall turns into a giant flash mob. Hundreds of dancers of all different dance genres are there in order to show Michelle just how fun dance is. Michelle at first tries to run away, but when she witnesses a duet between two ballet dancers, she cannot help but join in. Amazed by all the dancers and how much A-Troupe needs her, Michelle accepts and rejoins The Next Step.

Did Michelle make the right decision by rejoining A-Troupe? Find out Friday at 7:30PM on Family Channel.


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