THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 30 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

It is the second round at Absolute Dance National Championship, which means it is time for the small group. Watching LOD perform makes Chloe nervous because going up against LOD means you are bound to go home. They are that good!

As Hunter, West and Eldon prepare for the small group, James is distracted as to whether he should do the b-twist or not. He has never landed it before and it would be a huge risk. Making it past this round for The Next Step would be huge because they have never got this far. The last time they attended Nationals, Miss Kate competed in the small group routine where they were eliminated. Winning would mean they would go father than they ever have before.

While in the lobby trying to decide if James should do the b-twist or not, Riley comes running out to the small group dancers to make sure they get ready. James decides that he will signal West with a nod if he decides to attempt the b-twist.

Before the boys hit the stage, Elite performs their routine and advance to the next round. The boys take the stage and have so much energy however, James does not do the b-twist as he feels it isn’t right. It doesn’t matter though because The Next Step moves on anyways to the duet round!

Riley, although she doesn’t admit it right away to James, is disappointed he never attempted the b-twist because she knows he could do it. After seeing LOD move onto the next round, Riley tells James that he should do the b-twist in their duet routine. With Riley having so much confidence in him, James agrees.

The routine goes on flawlessly and is a perfect combination of Riley’s ballet background, and James’ hip-hop background. James successfully lands the b-twist for the first time. As Riley and James take their bow, Riley tells James she loves him for the first time. James reciprocates the feelings with a kiss. The couple quickly gets embarrassed when they realize the whole audience saw! It doesn’t matter however, because The Next Step moves on to the next round.

Up next, female solos! How will Michelle do with her solo?

Catch all new episodes of The Next Step Fridays at 7:30PM on Family Channel.


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