THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 31 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

During the down time between rounds, A-Troupe decides to go to the mall. Michelle promises Miss Kate that she will be back two hours early leaving her plenty of time to prepare for her solo. Elite overhears this and Lucian tells Tess to make sure Michelle does not get back in time for her solo.

While at the mall, Michelle quickly enters a store alone in order to by something for her mom. Tess follows her in and plants a perfume bottle in her bag. As Michelle tries to leave the store alarms go off and security escorts Michelle to their office. Security is not letting Michelle leave or make any phone calls.

Back at the competition, Miss Kate is getting nervous that Michelle is not back, and Amanda is nervous to go up against Michelle. Last year Elite got eliminated from the competition because of her solo routine. Amanda over hears Tess talking about how she made sure Michelle will be late and Amanda gets upset. She wants to make sure that she beats Michelle fair and square.

Miss Kate still worried that Michelle is not back agrees to let Riley perform the solo. It has been a while since Riley has rehearsed and she feels extremely unprepared and nervous. Back at the mall, Michelle finally convinces security to look at the surveillance footage. Once they see it wasn’t her who stole the perfume, Michelle races back to the competition.

Making it back just in time, Riley is relieved and Michelle quickly gets changed and hits the stage. Michelle’s anger with Elite turns into adrenaline. As she performs, Michelle is so glad she returned to dancing and her confidence is back. Her positive attitude shines through in her dancing and Michelle’s routine beats Amanda’s! The Next Step advances to the semi finals. Amanda congratulates Michelle and apologizes for everything. Amanda knows that The Next Step deserves to win it all.

How will A-Troupe do in the semi-finals?

Find out on an all new episode of The Next Step Friday at 7:30PM on Family Channel.


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