THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 29 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

It is the second half of the first round at Absolute Dance National Championship. A-Troupe is patiently waiting for Eldon, their male soloist dancer, to take the stage. While in the lobby, Giselle runs into former The Next Step dancer Daniel who left The Next Step studio when offered the male soloist position at Superstar. Daniel although he won’t admit it to Giselle is still upset he lost the solo to Eldon and is giving Giselle the cold shoulder. Thalia tells Giselle not to worry about his behavior because he is just trying to stress her out.

Back on the stage, Life of Dance’s only male performer competes and him and LOD move onto the next round. With all the excitement Eldon forgot to check who he was up against. While checking the board he notices he is up against Superstar Dance’s male soloist Daniel. Daniel taking his one-on-one battle with Eldon as his one shot at revenge. James is not worried though as he brags to Daniel that Eldon is the better dancer. Eldon is focused and ready to prove he deserved the solo all along.

It is time to compete and Daniel is blowing A-Troupe, the judges and the crowd away. Miss Kate is proud of Daniel and how much he has grown since leaving although she hates to admit it. Daniel’s stellar performance only gives Eldon more adrenaline. Eldon completes his solo and does great. The dance really showcases Eldon’s emotional time at The Next Step studio. After watching Eldon perform Daniel cannot help but wonder if he has been over confident.

In the end, it is The Next Step who advances on. But, Daniel does not leave empty handed. While patching things up with his best friend Giselle, Daniel is approached by someone from Julliard and is asked to audition. Daniel realizes that you don’t have to win to be great.

Fun fact! Brennan Clost who plays Daniel is actually attending Julliard for dance.

The Next Step dancers have moved on to the small group round. How will Hunter, James, West and Eldon do?

Catch all new episodes of The Next Step Fridays at 7:30PM on Family Channel.


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