THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 26 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

With Michelle back at The Next Step and James and Riley finally back together it seems as if things for A-Troupe are finally back to normal.  Giselle and Thalia even decide to give James and Riley their duet back because the chemistry between them is so strong and real. However, Riley is concerned because ever since getting back together with James, there has been a lack of connection between them. As James and Riley begin to rehearse they quickly realize that things are not going so well.

With Amanda back at Elite and Michelle dancing with The Next Step once again, Miss Kate happily offers Michelle her solo back. At first Michelle is a little unsure. With so much time spent away from dance, Michelle only agrees to take on the solo again if she gets more time to rehearse. Miss Kate gives Michelle studio time to practice her routine but Michelle isn’t one hundred percent positive she can pull it off.

Meanwhile at Culture Shock, Emily catches West talking to himself. After calling West out on his weird behaviour, West tells Emily that he likes to people watch and guess what conversations they are having. Emily decides to join in and together they try and guess what Thalia and Giselle are saying. Emily is really enjoying spending her free time with West. West wants to know more about Emily and know what things she likes to do. After thinking about what her thing is for a while, Emily takes West to the mall to return things. The two put on a dramatic scene and get the sales associate to return a scarf that is against store policy.

Back in the studio, Michelle is nervously practicing her routine when Eldon, who she has not talked to in a while, walks in. Eldon asks Michelle to show him some of her routine.  As Michelle shows Eldon her routine, he is starting to notice Michelle’s lack of confidence and offers her feedback on how to improve.  Michelle then helps Eldon on his solo by giving him a great idea to add emotion into the dance. Although the two have been through a lot, after helping out one another with their routines Michelle and Eldon are finally okay as friends once again.

Knowing that things between her and James are not great, Riley goes to her sister Emily for advice. Emily tells Riley that James spent so much time completing the list to show her how much he cares, that it is now Riley’s time to return the favour and do the same. Riley agrees and sets up a romantic surprise date in the park for James. The night goes just as planned and the duo agrees to stop trying to be who they were. Together they toast to a new them.

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