THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 32 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

A-Troupe could not be more excited that they advanced to the semi finals! While rehearsing on stage, Thalia is looking for a sweet spot. Eldon notices her looking around and shows her his. They decide to keep it a secret between them.

Emily looks on as the team rehearses and is worried they won’t be good enough. West runs up to Emily and asks her something that has been on his mind. West asks Emily on a date. Emily is shocked at why someone like West would ask out someone like her. West says it is because he sees the good in her. This makes Emily believe in herself a bit more however she is still not one hundred percent convinced she should go out with West.

As The Next Step wait to take the stage, Life of Dance moves on and eliminates CDC. This will be the fourth year LOD makes it to the finals. As A-Troupe waits in the wings, they know they have some stiff competition as the team they are going up against made it to the finals last year.

Right before The Next Step takes the stage, West shows Emily a book. The book is about fire fairies and West tells Emily that that is why he likes her. She is powerful, but very loyal. Emily is impressed, but tells West to focus on the dance.

It is time for The Next Step to compete. The dance is all about teamwork. Emily can feel them all moving as one and knows that they can win. During the last move, Emily lands funny and injures her knee.

The bad landing did not matter to the judges because The Next Step moves onto the finals. However, without an alternate and with Emily injured A-Troupe is at risk of being eliminated.

What will The Next Step do now? Find out on the season two finale Friday January 2nd at 7:30PM on Family Channel.


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