THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 23 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

James is determined to complete the list of tasks to win Riley back. Now onto number nine, James is not happy about having to complete it. Task number nine is to receive his driver’s license. James is completely content with his mom driving him and Riley around, but Riley is tired of taking the bus on dates. Wanting to win Riley back, James agrees.

Before being able to take the test, James attends a driving class. James being his goofy self does not really pay attention. When he is quizzed on what the instructor just said, James is unable to respond. The already mean instructor is less than impressed. The driving instructor tells James that tomorrow he will be his and passing his test will be nearly impossible.

Meanwhile back at the studio, the A-Troupe dancers are talking about how much they miss Michelle. Michelle however is filling her free time with all sorts of clubs. None of which seem to really be making her happy…expect for Debate Club. Thalia decides to go and watch Michelle at Debate Club to see if she is truly happy. While there, Thalia sees that Michelle has finally made the team and will be debating that night. Thalia reports back to the A-Troupe dancers and together they come up with a plan to get Michelle back. They all agree to go to the debate and cheer Michelle on, hoping that this will make Michelle realize that they are a family and how much she misses them.

Still suspicious of Emily, Amanda once again questions how West found the costumes in the garbage when Emily was supposed to be “looking” in the foyer. West again tells Amanda that he was channeling his inner raccoon. When Amanda asks if Emily pointed him in the direction of the garbage, West says he cannot remember but he thinks so. Amanda now knows that Emily cannot be trusted with her plan to take down The Next Step.

It is finally time for James to complete his driving test and he could not be more worried. After meeting his instructor, Riley is concerned he will have trouble passing as well. At the start of the test, the instructor is claiming James to be the worst driver he has ever seen. But, that quickly changes as James is able to complete all the tasks while singing songs the instructor made up. Having passed, James and the instructor prank Riley and James’s mom making it seem as if he failed. In the end, James was able to cross number nine off of Riley’s list.

It is finally time for Michelle’s debate and all the A-Troupe dancers attend to cheer her on. Amanda who also attends in order to not blow her cover is convinced Michelle won’t buy it. Michelle is both shocked and happy The Next Step is there to cheer her on. Even after having missed her friends, Michelle still chooses debate over dance.

Will Emily still be able to stop Amanda from taking down The Next Step? What else does Riley’s list have in store for James? Find out on the next episode of The Next Step, Friday October 24th at 7:30PM on Family Channel!


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