THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 22 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

After much convincing, Emily has finally earned Amanda’s trust. The first task Amanda has for Emily, who is now a part of the plan to take down The Next Step, is to steal their newly delivered National costumes.  Stealing the costumes was not a hard task as Amanda easily distracted Phoebe by asking about yoga poses while Emily managed to steal the key. From there, the pair snuck into the costume closet and stole the National costumes. Amanda’s idea was to shred the costumes, but hoping to get them back, Emily suggested throwing them in the garbage instead. With no reason not to trust Emily, Amanda agreed.

Meanwhile, James is working to complete another task off Riley’s list in order to win her back. Task number eight is a mystery task. Riley presents James an envelope with a riddle inside. Knowing that math is not James’ best subject, Riley is pleased that this task will be difficult for him. James rallies up Hunter, West and Eldon to help him out. The riddle involves a chicken, grain and a fox. After some time, these A-Troupe boys cannot figure out the riddle. They decide to change the country components to city ones. Hunter and Eldon are sandwiches and money, and West is now a raccoon.

When Miss Kate notices the costumes are missing she is not happy. Without the costumes, points will be deducted from their National score and this will guarantee that they will not win. Chloe suggests that The Next Step dancers split up and look for the costumes. Amanda tells Emily to look in the foyer to ensure no one else will find the costumes.

Channeling his “inner raccoon”, West begins sniffing around and crawling to find the costumes. Emily comes up with the idea to tell West that raccoons love garbage in order to hint at where the costumes might be. West agrees and ends up finding the costumes. Having returned the costumes to A-Troupe, Amanda is suspicious as to why West looked in the garbage and why Emily did not do a better job guarding the costumes.

With the costume situation avoided, James is finally able to complete the riddle! Showing Riley who approves, James is able to cross number eight off Riley’s list.

Will James ever be able to complete number seven? Does Amanda still trust Emily?

Find out on the next episode of The Next Step, Friday October 17th on Family Channel at 7:30!


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