The Next Step – Season 2a Finale Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

Drama is stirring up The Next Step Dance Studio, but will all the dancers be able to handle it? As viewers, we love the drama because it keeps things interesting, but it seems like Michelle cannot stand it anymore.

Drama has taken a toll on Michelle who has made the tough decision to leave the Next Step.  Packing her things to leave, Michelle feels mixed emotions about quitting, but in the end her strongest emotion is the feeling of no longer loving dance. Kate informs the rest of the dancers that Michelle’s departure means no one else can quit or get inured or else they will be eliminated from Nationals.

While on a visit to the mall, Emily finds out that Amanda is a double agent working for Elite. Emily tells her sister Riley about Amanda and together they try to come up with a plan.

With Michelle gone, A-Troupe needs a new solo dancer. Amanda jumps at the chance and volunteers. Riley also volunteers in order to keep Amanda from getting the solo. The two must come up with their own routines to see who gets the solo.

Riley and Emily come up with a plan to expose Amanda. Wanting to trick Amanda into thinking that Emily is also against A-Troupe, the plan is to get all the dancers to hate Emily.

As Riley practices her solo routine, James watches. Riley tells James that she does not want him at the audition. She tells him it will stress her out too much but really, Riley does not want James to see the plan unfold.

During the auditions, the plan unfolds. As Riley performs her routine Emily shouts hateful comments at her. As the other dancers try and stand up for Riley, Emily starts yelling more hurtful things to everyone. Emily’s dance captaincy is taken away.

Riley goes and visits James who assures her he will win her back. Meanwhile, Miss Kate gives dance captaincy to Amanda. Amanda happily accepts because it will help her take down A-Troupe.

To find out if Riley and Emily’s plan will succeed you will have to tune in next fall!

In the meantime you can catch the cast at this summer’s Big Ticket Summer Concert in Toronto, Halifax and Edmonton.


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