THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 21 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

It is finally competition day for The Next Step dancers performing in the trio competition. Representing A-Troup are Giselle, Thalia and Amanda. Competing against them yet again is Elite and their studio head Lucien.  Before it is A-Troupe’s turn to perform, Lucien pulls Amanda aside and tells her that it is finally time she comes back to Elite. Their plan is for her to throw the competition and then quit The Next Step. If all goes as planned, The Next Step will have to quit Nationals due to the fact they will not be able to make a full team.

The plan is quickly ruined when Amanda spots Michelle in the audience. Unsure of what she is doing, Lucien and Amanda decide it is best if she doesn’t throw the competition. Amanda will continue to dance with The Next Step for the time being just in case Michelle decides to join A-Troupe again.

Meanwhile, James is still trying to complete Riley’s list in order to win her back. Now onto number ten, James needs to find out one thing about Emily that Riley doesn’t already know. Making it hard for James, Emily replies, “Riley knows that” to almost everything he asks. Emily is purposely making it hard for James as she wants to protect her younger sister from getting hurt again. However, when Emily and James begin to talk about Riley, Emily’s feelings about James begin to change. After sharing a secret on why and how Riley first started dancing, Emily starts to consider James as a friend. With a secret that only Emily and James share, James was able to cross number ten off of Riley’s list.

The results are in for the trio competition. The Next Step’s J-Troupe dancers place seventh in their category, and it is announced that A-Troupe has made the top three along with Elite and LOD (Life Of Dance). After watching the others perform, Giselle, Thalia and Amanda know that Life of Dance also known as Ladies of Destruction is the group to beat. Although unable to beat LOD and place first, the A-Troupe trio was able to beat Elite and claim second place for their own.

Will Michelle return to A-Troupe? What does Amanda have in store for The Next Step dancers?

Tune into Family Channel Friday October 10rd at 7:30 for an all-new episode of The Next Step.


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