THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 20 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria

Things are just not going James’ way when it comes to completing the list of tasks in order to get Riley back. No matter how hard he tries, James cannot get it through Beth’s head that they are not a couple. James finally caves and accepts Hunter’s offer to take Beth off his hands in exchange for them becoming bros.

After rehearsals, Eldon announces to the A-Troupe dancers that himself and Hunter will be re-battling for the Nationals solo.

James, Eldon and West are on the hunt for a four-leaf clover in order to cross number four off Riley’s list.  After endless looking, and no luck, West and James come up with the idea to offer the beginner ballerinas one hundred dollars if they find a four-leaf clover. With no takers other than Chloe, West offers the dancers one hundred cupcakes instead.

Determined to get her friend back to The Next Step studio, Thalia is attempting to convince Michelle she is bored and misses dance. Michelle admits that Thalia is right, and that she has been bored. Michelle’s idea to kill this boredom is to join a club. Michelle still not wanting to go back to dance considers joining improv or cheerleading.

While Eldon is practicing his improv dance skills for his dance battle with Hunter, West walks in. West and Eldon work together to enhance some of Eldon’s moves and make them a little more flashy.

Hunter, wanting to become bros with James, is trying everything to get Beth to leave James alone. His idea is to try to convince Beth that by breaking up with James will make him jealous and want to get back together. Beth isn’t a fan of the plan, as she doesn’t want to hurt James. When Beth notices how close James and Riley are, Hunter tells her about James trying to complete the list in order to prove how much he wants Riley back.

Emily, knowing that she has to break up with Hunter, is starting to slowly push him away. She hopes that this will ease him into the break-up. Amanda isn’t pleased that Emily hasn’t broken up with Hunter yet. She gives her until after the dance battle or else she is out and cannot be trusted.

When Giselle notices Chloe rubbing her hands, she wonders what is wrong. Chloe says it’s from counting all the money. Amanda, who seems to have an evil plan on her mind, tells Chloe she is lucky Miss Kate trusts her with all that money, and the moneybox.

The A-Troupe dancers all gather in The Next Studio to catch Eldon and Hunter battle for the solo. Now knowing Hunter’s weaknesses, Eldon uses that to his advantage and wins his solo back. Even though he lost the competition, Hunter isn’t too upset because him and Eldon are now okay.

After the battle, Beth approaches James with a four-leaf clover. James a little confused accepts the clover after hearing Beth’s reasoning. Beth who is hurt, is okay to see James go because she loves him so much and wants him to be happy…even if that means being with Riley and not her.

Running out of time, Emily breaks up with Hunter in order to gain Amanda’s trust and help save The Next Step.

Will breaking up with Hunter be worth it? What plans does Amanda have regarding Chloe and the moneybox?

Tune into Family Channel Friday October 3rd at 6:30 for an all-new episode of The Next Step.


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