THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 19 Recap!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

Drama at The Next Step dance studio dies down as Miss Kate informs the A-Troupe dancers about some good news! They have been invited to perform at a prestigious trio dance competition! The competition has a catch however, all the teams must choreograph a dance to the same song and no costumes are allowed. This is the first time The Next Step has been invited to a competition like this, and Amanda, Giselle and Thalia could not be more excited that they were chosen to compete! Miss Kate also picks a J-Troupe trio to join them.

Tensions quickly thicken as Emily shows up late for another dance rehearsal. Hunter, concerned about Emily, approaches her about her recent change in attendance. While they talk, he brings up the fact that he isn’t everyone’s favourite person either. Emily encourages Hunter to try and make it up to the boys.

In the meantime, Miss Kate is working with J-Troupe, and rehearsing with Josh, Michelle and Becca for their J-Troupe trio. When Becca’s sister, Gabi, and another J-Troupe dancer walk in on rehearsals, they question Miss Kate’s decision for choosing Becca for the trio over Gabi.

As we saw last week, in order to win Riley back James must complete a list of tasks. Currently, he is working on Number 11; creating a dance move and naming it after Riley. Riley admits that she is impressed James is still working on completing the list. She thought he would of quit and given up by now.

Hunter takes Emily’s advice, and approaches James, West and Eldon in order to try and become their friends. Eldon is less than impressed. All Eldon can think about is how Hunter broke him and Michelle up, and how he lost the National solo to Hunter. West and James are not impressed with Hunter either. They claim have Eldon’s back…or so they thought. West quickly forgives Hunter as he promises to teach him a super awesome dance move, the head slide. When Hunter promises to bake Eldon the best chocolate cake ever, Eldon seems intrigued. Chocolate cake being Eldon’s weakness, Eldon seems interested in the cake offer. James isn’t so convinced and calls Eldon and West sellouts.

Gabi, still upset over not getting the J-Troupe trio, confronts her sister Becca. Gabi challenges Becca to a dance-off, where the winner will get to compete. On her way to the dance-off, Gabi catches Becca rehearsing and realizes just how good her sister is. Realizing she cannot take this opportunity away from Becca, Gabi goes to talk to Miss Kate.

When Gabi tells Miss Kate she does not want to compete in the dance-off against Becca anymore, Miss Kate informs Gabi she already knows. Becca beat Gabi to the punch and told Miss Kate that she can no longer complete as she has to go on an annual fishing trip. Gabi knowing this to be a total lie now feels guilty for putting Becca in this position. Gabi sits down with Becca to talk about the whole trio situation. As a big sister, Gabi is there to look out for Becca. Gabi confesses that Becca is the better dancer, and she should be the one to compete.

Michelle, a former A-Troupe dancer, decides she cannot be away from her friends any longer and decides to go visit them at Culture Shock. Michelle is relieved over how well everything with them is going, however her emotions quickly change when she finds out the female National solo spot has already been filled.

While in the Music Room working on his move for Riley, Beth walks in. James has been trying to break up with Beth for a while now, but she is not taking the hint. Hunter sees this as an opportunity for him and James to become bros. Hunter tells Beth they are giving out free smoothies at Culture Shock as a way to get Beth away from James. Although relieved, James isn’t ready to consider Hunter his bro.

Joining Riley in Studio A, James presents task Number 11. The dance move he created was ThenRiley Roll-Up, named after one of Riley’s quirks of always rolling up her shorts. Riley impressed with the dance move and name, is unimpressed however with the fact that Number 1, breaking up with Beth, is still not crossed off the list. James is determined to break up with Beth without accepting Hunter’s help.

Hunter presents Eldon with a double layer, chocolate fudge cake, or how Hunter likes to call it, a truce cake. Eldon accepts the cake and but says there is one thing he has to do before he smashes the cake into Hunter’s face. Knowing that it is well deserved, Hunter makes the best of his chocolate cake covered face. Eldon also asks for his solo back and requests that he and Hunter have a dance battle. Hunter accepts. Although not one hundred percent okay with Hunter now, Eldon can see the possibility of a friendship with Hunter.

Amanda once again catches Emily and Hunter having a great time together, and realizes what Emily needs to do in order to gain her trust. Amanda tells Emily she needs to break up with the only person still on her side, Hunter.

Will Emily risk her relationship with Hunter in order to take Amanda down? Will James ever be able to break it off with Beth?

Tune into Family Channel Friday at 7:30PM to find out!

Also did you hear the big announcement? The Next Step will be going on a Canada-wide tour! For more information about THE NEXT STEP LIVE ON STAGE, click here.


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