THE NEXT STEP – Season 2 Episode 18 Recap!

y: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

The Next Step is back! After a short break, The Next Step Season 2 Part 2 aired September 12th on Family Channel! Part 1 of Season 2 left off with key dancers, Michelle and Daniel, leaving the team, rival dance squad Elite trying to take down A-Troupe from the inside, and relationships falling apart!


Having come together and rehearsing an awesome dance number, drama quickly entered The Next Step studio as Emily put her plans to take down Amanda into action. While sitting alone and regretting her decision to be mean to the A-Troupe dancers in order to take down Amanda, Amanda approaches Emily reminding her how everyone hates her. Emily’s regret quickly turns into angry and motivation as she confronts Amanda about knowing what she is up to. Instead of telling on Amanda, Emily asks to join her. Amanda, shocked, is unsure but considering letting Emily join her.

While working on the semi finals routine for Nationals, rehearsals aren’t going so well. James isn’t keeping up with the other dancers, and Emily is skipping practice to keep up her “Old Emily” act. When Emily shows up, Amanda hears the other dancers talking about how they lost all respect for Emily. However, Amanda still isn’t one hundred percent convinced that Emily is on her side.


James approaches Riley after practice and once again tries to win her back. James suggests that Riley makes a list. She can put anything on it, and James will complete it. Once he completes it they will be back together. The first thing Riley puts on the list, is for James to break up with Beth. Riley loves the idea of the list; James can fight for her, and she can make the list as hard and as embarrassing as she wants.

The Next Step dancers and Kate want Michelle back. When Kate tries to call Michelle, Michelle let’s the call go to voicemail. Chloe takes matters with Michelle into her own hands. On a visit to her school, Chloe tries to convince Michelle to call Kate back. Michelle eventually caves and returns the call and sets up a meeting with Kate.

When Emily once again asks Amanda if she can join her on the mission to take down The Next Step, Amanda confesses to Emily she does not trust her. Emily tells Amanda she will do anything in order to prove her trust.

As James tries to breakup with Beth, he realizes that completing the list will be a lot harder than he expected. Every time James tries to explain his feeling to Beth, she would tune him out and ignore the fact he wants to be out of their relationship.


While Riley and Emily meet up in the studio to discuss how their plan is unfolding, James confronts Riley about his struggle with breaking up with Beth. James decides to put that task off for now, and complete another item on Riley’s list of twenty! James decides to complete task number two; read one of Riley’s diary entries in front of everyone at Culture Shock!

Laughter fills Culture Shock as James reads “his” diary entry about fighting over dolls and the cute Bobby G. While James is reading, Michelle shows up for her meeting with Kate, however after seeing everyone together, she is reminded of all the drama and decides to sneak out.

After noticing how close Emily and Hunter are, Amanda decides that that is how Emily will prove how loyal she is.

The episode ends on a light note, when James returns the diary back to Riley, he shares another entry he came across. The entry was about a cute boy joining the studio. Riley quickly turns red and denies the fact that the entry is about James.

Will James be able to complete the list? Will Emily prove her loyalty to Amanda by cutting ties with Hunter? Tune in to Family Channel Friday at 7:30PM to find out!

Make sure to check out our interview with Trevor Tordjman, Brittany Raymond and Jordan Clark, who play James, Riley and Giselle respectfully!


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