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Cody Simpson Interview

Fans were first introduced to Cody Simpson when he released his breakout song iYiYi back in 2010. Now, four years later, fans have been able to watch Cody grow and mature as a person and an artist. Recently, Cody has taken to Twitter to talk about his journey into musical self-discovery.

Having recently left his label, Cody has assured fans he has a new sound on the way. Canadians got a sample of this new sound at Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert. Picking up a guitar and heading on stage with only his band, Cody showed concert attenders a preview of what is yet to come.

While in Toronto for Big Ticket Summer, The Magazine got the chance to talk with Cody. He told us all about his musical transition and a collaboration project with Justin Bieber.


The Magazine: You have been tweeting a lot lately about the new direction you want your music to go in. What can your fans expect from that?

Cody: You know it’s great because I am going through a little bit of a musical transition in my career. A little bit of an epiphany almost. I just ended my relationship with my record label. It was my decision, it kind of took me like six months to be able to kind of get out of my deal and finally convince them to let me go. I was kind of like stuck in this position where they weren’t, I just wanted to be out of it and be free. I wanted to be creatively free. I am moving over to a team that kind of has the same vision for myself that I do, and that mangers like Matt and Scooter have for me as well. I am just really excited because now I get to just take control of everything and really be the artist I want to be. I have come up to the age where I discovered that and figured that out. It’s tough because I got signed when I was thirteen. There is a massive difference from when you are thirteen years old, and eighteen years old. Those five years are like the biggest learning period in someone’s life. It is kind of where they figure out stuff, and try different things because they might think it’s cool and then they realize it’s not. Metaphorically, they try and play basketball but really they are the best at baseball. I was kind of musically trying to play basketball even though I am the best baseball player. So, it was kind of that that made me realize what I needed to be doing and how I needed to be doing it. I am just excited for the future now. I am becoming an adult and I am able to really kick start my career and do it they way I want to do it.

The Magazine: You also tweeted that you stayed up late watching concert DVDs of U2, Jack Johnson and John Mayor. Will we see any inspiration from these artists in your new music? 

Cody: Oh, of course! I mean they are like artists and bands that I have been listening to since I was a little boy. When you are fourteen or fifteen and all your friends are listen to like Kayne, and stuff and you are like “Oh, cool,” and join in and stuff. You kind of forget for a moment, almost lose touch with what you know you are going to come back around to when you are finally old enough. You know what I mean? So, I mean there are artists that you just named; there are artists like Jack and John, and those singer songwriter guitarists that are what inspires me. Tonight, is going to be, I think it started to be a little surprising to people what I am doing on stage. I now have taken away production; I am not really dancing, but kind of just really focusing on my guitar. I have a little bit different versions of some songs that I kind of still have to keep relevant for the fans while I am going through a little bit of that transition.

The Magazine: You have also been posting pictures with Justin Bieber. Is there going to be a collaboration coming up with him?

Cody: Yup, yeah. There will be. He saw some clips I posted of me playing my guitar in rehearsal and on stage or something. I cannot remember. I posted a couple different ones of me soloing or finger picking or whatever. He was like “Man, you are getting really really good!” I was actually in rehearsal at this time, and he told me I was getting really really good. I have been a friend of his for a while. We are definitely very different people, but he was like I would love to write with you. I went in and we ended up actually being in the studio till six in the morning. Next night, next night, next night…we ended up writing like twelve songs. So, you will hear, it is nice that I kind of got to play all the guitar and really kind of be the guitar man behind the project. We got to write all the songs together. You will be hearing a little more than one song from us.

The Magazine: You performed in Halifax last night, how was that?

Cody: It was good. I have never been there before. It was nice to go there. The fans were great. It wasn’t as big as tonight is going to be but it is always nice to see new places. The fans are always more excited when I have never been there before because it’s their first experience. They are always like another level of struck.

The Magazine: You have been all over Canada now. Do you have a favourite Canadian city that you have been to?

Cody: Umm, Vancouver is one of my favourites. There are a lot of Aussies over there. It’s on the west and it’s kind of closer to L.A. I live in L.A. so I go there all the time, well not all the time. I have been there three times. I have been to Toronto the most out of any Canadian city and I really enjoy it every time I come. It is good fun.

The Magazine: You also did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…but kind of with a rude awakening.

Cody: Yeah, I got, I had a bunch of nominations from people, and a couple people asked me to do it. I was just procrastinating with it a little bit. This guy, and my tour manager somehow got a key to my room at six in the morning and we had to get up for a flight. I wasn’t waking up so they threw ice on me! It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t pretty!

The Magazine: If that happened, there must be other pranks that get pulled on tour! 

Cody: Umm, sometimes. The whole crew is just hilarious and the band is as well. We all just get along so well and it’s just so easy for us to play. We always all go out together and party together after the shows and stuff. We get some pranks. You know, we had this mouse, it looked like a real mouse, and they had it in the fruit platter and I freaked out! Someone put that there today, still haven’t found out who that was yet. We keep it lighthearted and stuff. We take the shows very seriously but off stage it is just fun.

Thanks Cody! 

Be sure to follow Cody on Twitter for updates on his new music!

All photos were taken by the writer, all rights reserved.


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