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Calum Worthy Interview

You may know Calum Worthy best for his role as Dez on Disney’s Austin & Ally, but this year Calum took the stage as Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert host. Full of energy, and connecting with the crowd, Calum was the perfect person to string the most anticipated concert of the summer amongst youth together.

The Magazine was lucky enough to sit down with Canadian native Calum Worthy. Goofy, super sincere and crazy talented, Calum told us all about life on set of Austin & Ally, and gave us a little glimpse on some upcoming Disney projects.

The Magazine: How did you go about preparing to host Big Ticket Summer?

Calum: Oh, I didn’t prepare anything. I am just going to wing it out there. Uh, no, I just watched last year’s Big Ticket Summer Concert. I knew a lot about it because Ross and R5 have done it before, and he raved about it. He said it was the best concert he has ever done. I was really excited when I heard about it! Yeah, I just watched a lot of YouTube videos of good hosts, and tried to replicate that.

The Magazine: You are Canadian, which is awesome! What do you miss the most about Canada when you are not here?

Calum: Honestly it’s my best friends! We have been best friends since kindergarten and I really miss them whenever I am away. They are my guys. We always hang out. I try to bring them down to L.A as much as possible, or if I go on a trip, or film a movie somewhere, they usually fly out to set and stuff like that.

Calum Worthy | Alexandria McLean

The Magazine: If we had to move from Canada, we would miss Tim Horton’s! What is your favourite thing to order at Tim Horton’s?

Calum: Oh, Tim Horton’s! Tim Bits obviously. A double double is awesome. Also the muffins! The chocolate chip muffins are so good. It has the sugar on the top. Aw man, I could eat those all day! You know what? I am getting one after this. Also, Canadians. I just love Canadians. Don’t tell the Americans this, but Canadians are honestly the best people in the entire world.

The Magazine: There will be a fourth season of Austin & Ally! What are you most excited for about going into Season 4?

Calum: Season 4 is going to be really cool! It’s going to be a really big change, because towards the end of Season 3 you are going to see a huge arch happen. There will be a lot of changes within the characters. Actually, it ends on a cliffhanger! I remember reading the script and we were like what’s going to happen! This is crazy! How are we going to start Season 4? I was in the writer’s room because I got to be a staff writer last year, so I popped into the writer’s room before I came up here and there are going to be some awesome storylines. I think people are really going to like it.

Calum Worthy | Alexandria McLean

The Magazine: We actually get our episodes here later than you do in the USA…

Calum: So Austin is dead. I don’t know if you knew that.

The Magazine: Aha! So we just say the Eggs & Extraterrestrials episode, which you wrote! How was that, how was writing? 

Calum: I wrote it yeah! Oh it was so much fun, and I have been trying for a long time to write on the show. We have the best writers on the planet, so I wanted to spend as much time with them, and hang out with them, and work with them because I really wanted to learn from them. I spent all of Season 2, each day, in the writer’s room just interning and being a fly on the wall and watching what happens. Just before Season 3, after I did the Copper Top Flop Show, which Disney responded well to and I got to write that. Then they said yeah let’s bring you on as a staff writer!

The Magazine: Was it weird to see Ross, Laura, Raini and yourself act out the things you wrote?

Calum: Yeah! It also wasn’t good when I wrote the joke and it bombs! So it was my joke, and I also wasn’t delivering it right. I would say a joke and then the director would be like “Uhh, I think you got the line wrong,” then I am like…oh yeah, I didn’t say that right. It’s like you are in two different mindsets, you are either the actor or the writer.

The Magazine: Maybe not everyone knows you write for the show, so that may be a hidden talent! But, do you have any other talents people might not know about?

Calum: Okay, I can levitate. Trust me. I cannot show you right now because I don’t have enough room but I can levitate.

The Magazine: There are also a lot of bloopers from different seasons of Austin & Ally, and they are hilarious! How is it on set?

Calum: It is exactly what you think it. Actually, it is more fun than you think it is. That is what happens when we are filming, but that goes back to the dressing rooms, and the hair and makeup rooms. Or like after work, we would go to a movie. So that fun, and that excitement, and that creativity, where everyone is laughing all the time, that happens non-stop! I mean, we are very serious about the work, because usually the first hour before we go into work each day, we spend in the dressing room running off lines just making sure we are prepared for when we go on set. We are very serious up to that point, but as soon as we are ready to go to set, it’s game over. We are just laughing and being silly.

The Magazine: You play Dez, who is the funny goofball of the show. Can you give us your best joke on the spot?

Calum: My best joke right on the spot? Okay, I sent this joke to Laura because she really loves bad jokes. She thinks the worse jokes are amazing. I am like you think any joke is funny, even this joke. I was like “How do nuts sneeze?” She was like “I donno?” I was like “Cashew.” She was laughing for two days straight. I was like that is the worst joke, how did you find that funny?

The Magazine: You also posted a picture of you with the caption “Last day in the writer’s room before we go to camera tomorrow on our new Disney XD Show!!!” Can you tell us about that?

Calum: I cannot tell you too much about it. It is going to be really really fun. I wish I could though, because I am so proud of this project. I was really proud of Copper Top and this, I am just as proud about this. It’s really going to be fun, I think it’s a 30 Rock type vibe and it is kind of a variety show, there are a bunch of different elements in it. I think people are really going to like it.

The Magazine: There used to be a kid’s variety show called All That, will it be like that in anyway?

Calum: A little bit. There is a little bit of that in it. There is another project I might be doing with Disney that is a lot like All That. I wish I could tell you guys all about these projects! We really have a huge amount of projects lined up, and I think people are going to love them.

The Magazine: You are hosting, so you won’t be performing. You will definitely be backstage jamming out to the songs. What is your go-to dance move?

Calum: My go-to dance move? Uh, I like the shimmy!

The Magazine: Do you have any last messages you want to say to your Canadian fans?

Calum: Actually, I just want to say that I love my Canadian fans! I see on Twitter, people think do you actually ready your mentions? I always read my mentions. I wish I could respond to every single person because they are so awesome but I see so many of them saying they are from Canada! That really means a lot because I am from here, and all my work before I went on Austin & Ally was based out of Vancouver and Toronto. So, I love it when I see my Canadian fans!

Thanks Calum!

Be sure to catch Calum Worthy on Austin & Ally! Check out family.ca for scheduling details.

All photos were taken by the writer, all rights reserved.


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