See a Live Taping of THE NEXT STEP!

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

Family Channel’s The Next Step is looking for audience members to attend a live taping of Season 3! On August 28th join A-Troupe at Toronto’s Sony Centre.

Season 3 of The Next Step showcases the challenges the A-Troupe dancers continue to face as they prepare for Nationals. These dancers will have to work on more than just their technique. This upcoming season will be all about how A-Troupe needs to work as a team in order to win as a team.

The Next Step is looking for outgoing and energetic youth who are over the age of 5, and families. If that sounds like you, make sure to order a ticket to attend the taping.

Three tapings will be shot on August 28th at 9:00AM, 2:00PM and 5:00PM. Tickets for the tapings, and additional information can be found here.


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