#FollowFriday: YouTube Artists You Must Subscribe To

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

YouTube is to thank for the discovery of different artists all around the world. Justin Bieber, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps and Cody Simpson are just a few of the artists who got their start on YouTube. YouTube allows singers and bands to share their musical talents with the world by simply uploading a video.

The Magazine has created a list of five YouTube artists that you should definitely subscribe to.

1. Megan Nicole

Megan Nicole first started uploading covers to YouTube in 2009, and since than has earned over 2 million subscribers. Meghan’s most popular cover was of Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song that received over 47 million views! Not only does Meghan sound great in the video, but four dancing monkeys join her to imitate the original video.

Megan Nicole will be coming to Canada and joining the lineup of Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert! More info about the show can be found here.

2. Sam Tsui

Some serious talent can be found in Sam Tsui’s YouTube videos. Not only does Sam sing but he also plays the music featured in his videos earning him just under 1.5 million subscribers. Sam’s cover of Meant To Be from Disney’s Teen Beach Movie was even featured on Family Channel. Sam’s most popular video though is his mashup of Let It Go from Frozen and Let Her Go by Passanger. Talk about an awesome combo!

3. Cimorelli

What could be more fun than singing with a sibling? Singing with six siblings! Made up of sisters Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani, Cimorelli has been uploading covers onto YouTube since 2007. Their most popular video was uploaded two years ago and has received over 39 million views. Goofing around and having a good time on a beach, there is no surprise that Cimorelli’s cover of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful was a hit! Cimorelli is currently just shy of 3 million subscribers.

4. Tiffany Alvord

At the young age of fifteen, Tiffany began posting covers onto YouTube. Now twenty-one, Tiffany has toured the USA, Canada, England, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia thanks to her popularity on YouTube. Tiffany currently has 2 million subscribers. Her fun cover of Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Getting Back Together is one of her most popular videos to date.

5. Max Schneider

Max Schneider is no stranger to the entertainment industry.  Max joined YouTube in 2009 and since then has uploaded original work and covers, some of which feature actresses Victoria Justice and Alyson Stoner. Max has yet to hit 1 million subscribers, but there is no doubt he will be there soon. Max’s newest cover was a collaboration with Kurt Hugo Schneider – no relation. Together they covered 5 Seconds of Summer’s single She Looks So Perfect. What is unique about this cover is that the duo changed the arrangement and slowed the song way down.

You may recognize Max from Nickelodeon’s How To Rock.


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