By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

Spencer-Boldman_Gallery-200x300With the latest technology in smartphones it seems like you can do pretty much anything with the push of a button. But what if your smartphone gave you the power to control boys?

Zoey Stevens (Zendaya) from the new Disney Channel Original Movie Zapped has just the app. Super organized dancer and straight-A student Zoey finds her world completely scrambled. Adjusting to a new school, and a new quirky dance team can be tough, but add a new step-dad, three wild stepbrothers, and an uncontrollable dog into the mix and it seems almost impossible.  But all of this changes when a dog training app on Zoey’s phone gives Zoey control over the boys around her.

Alongside Zendaya is Disney XD’s Lab Rats star Spencer Boldman who plays Jackson Kale in the movie.

The Magazine caught up with Spencer Boldman to talk about the movie and his favourite memory on set.  Check it out to find out about the hilarious face-licking moment.

 The Mag: What can viewers expect to see in Zapped?

Spencer: Oh my gosh, a ton! First of all there’s a lot of dancing which was a really cool part of the movie.  I do not have any part of that because my body does not move like Zendaya’s. There are a lot of relatable issues that are featured in the movie which I think is really cool, like friendship struggles, learning to accept others as they are, and the importance of having an outlet for creative expression whether its chess, sports, dancing, or music. There are so many lessons. Zendaya and I were really excited about it. We feel like it is sort of a throwback to the older Disney Channel movies that we grew up with where it was more about the story and less about the flashiness of the film. Even though the film is highly entertaining and a big summer movie, it has a lot to say and there is more than just the cotton candy aspect of summer movies.

The Mag: How would you describe your character Jackson?

Spencer: Jackson Kale acts like a Johnny Depp type of a character. He doesn’t really fit in to a certain clique in the school. The character that I play is kind of essential in showing Zoey, Zendaya’s character how to not be a part of a clique, and how to express your individuality. He doesn’t really belong to a certain type of group in school, which is really cool and fun to play.

 The Mag: How are you and Jackson similar or different?

Spencer: I am more like Jackson than I am like Adam the character I play on my show Lab Rats, which is really funny. It was really cool to play someone polar opposite of a character I am used to playing, and playing someone that was so close to me. I like to read.  I am a little more chilled and laid back, and the character I play on Lab Rats is very high energy, goofy and funny. Not to say that I am not funny, but I am much more chill in person. So Jackson is definitely more of my personality. I would not have his wardrobe though; it’s not really my style. It’s cool, just not my day-to-day thing. I would get too hot. He wears a lot of coats.

The Mag: Zendaya’s character, Zoey Stevens learns she has a magical app that can somehow control the boys around her. If you had a magical app how would you use it?

Spencer: I would program a little search bar where I could put in whatever type of food that I wanted and I would push a button and it would magically appear in front of me. I am going to Paton that. I am going to sell it or get Apple to sell it out because that is my dream. I would love that.

The Mag: Do you have any annoying habits that would want to make Zoey Steven’s use the app on you?

Spencer: I clean a lot. I am kind of a clean freak, but I don’t know if she would want to stop that because some girls like that. Sometimes when I eat, I get so excited I will drop food on my shirt and stuff. I am kind of messy when I eat, so maybe that would gross her out a little bit. I am not that messy but I do get food on my clothes. I have to carry a Tide stick around a lot of the time.

The Mag: Describe what it was like working alongside Zendaya?

Spencer: Oh she is awesome. She and I had a blast. She and I got along and she is a good friend of mine now. We hung out a lot when we were filming. We would go get ice cream, we’d kayak and stuff. She is a beautiful girl and she is super talented. It was a blast. Her family is very cool. She is normal. She is just like any other girl that does movies and music.

The Mag: What was your favourite moment on set? How come?

 Spencer: There is a scene in the movie where Zoey uses the app on my character and makes him kiss her. Disney was trying to figure out what they wanted because the app she originally gets is used to control dogs. It kind of makes guys act like dogs so she can control them. They wanted me to lick the side of her face. I was down for that because why not? Disney couldn’t decide which side of the cheek they wanted me to lick her on. We did three or four takes of me licking her left cheek, and they didn’t like that angle. So I had to lick her right cheek and they didn’t like that. So I had to lick her forehead. I think I licked her chin? I literally licked her entire face. She has a very soft face so it was pleasant. It was kind of funny because she and I were dying of laughter because my spit was all over her face. Then in the movie they didn’t even keep the lick!  I just kissed her! I did one take where I kissed the side of her cheek and that made it. Hopefully the lick will make the bonus features on the DVD. It was a funny moment.

Thanks Spencer! Make sure to catch Spencer in the premier of Zapped June 27th at 8pm on Family Channel.


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