EXCLUSIVE Interview with GIRL MEETS WORLD Stars Ben Savage and Rowan Blanchard

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

Girl Meets World Interview

Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence, characters on Boy Meets World, had the teens of the 90’s tuning into the show week after week for seven seasons! Now, the youth of today can also fall in love with Cory and Topanga and a whole new set of characters on Girl Meets World. A spin off series of Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World takes place a decade later and follows the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley Matthews.

The series airs on Family Channel and is a must-see! Girl Meets World showcases Riley Matthews along with her best friend Maya and their friends Lucas and Farkle as they take on the world! Facing challenges Riley discovers how to make the world her own with her parents, Cory and Topanga, always there for guidance.

The Magazine got the chance to catch up with Rowan Blanchard who plays Riley, and “Meets World” veteran Ben Savage who plays Cory Matthews. They told us all about the show and why you should tune in every Friday night!

The Magazine: Boy Meets World has such a large and dedicated fandom. Did you feel any pressure as the premiere of Girl Meets World neared?

Ben: Yes, I mean I don’t know about Rowan, but I certainly did because you know it is impossible to compare one or two episodes of the series to seven years!

Rowan: Seven seasons!

Ben: Which has had a 20-year legacy at this point. There is a lot of pressure, but I think we have kind of asked our fans to give the new show a chance and to bear with us. I think that if they give us an honest look, I think they will start to really love the show and really enjoy it.

The Magazine: Why should The Magazine readers watch Girl Meets World?

Rowan: I think the reason why people should watch Girl Meets World is because I feel like there is a character for everybody, you know whether you can relate to Riley or Topanga or Cory I feel like we kind of cover every different type of person within the show. This means there is definitely a character you can relate with or see yourself in.

The Magazine: Rowan, what is your character Riley like?

Rowan: Riley is obviously the daughter of Cory and Topanga. Riley is very quirky and very academic. I think my favourite quality of Riley’s is how she values loyalty in her family.

The Magazine: Ben, how has Cory grown since he was last seen in Boy Meets World?

Ben: I think that the character is still very similar. He is still very quirky, still very sweet and still funny. I think the main difference is that he has two kids now and is a teacher. He is very very focused on his kids and setting a good example for his students and setting a good example for his children. Other than that I think it is pretty much the same character, he is just a little older and he lives in New York now.

The Magazine: Ben, how was it like going back to Cory Matthews after just over a decade?

Ben: I think that initially I was a little hesitant because I was kind of wondering how to play the character, an older version of the character. I think the first few days on set were a little confusing, but eventually I really started to enjoy it. I really started to enjoy playing this character, but from a different perspective, as a father, as a teacher and it has been a really really fun experience and we are really proud of the show at this point.

The Magazine: What’s your favourite thing about playing Riley and Cory respectfully?

Rowan: I think my favourite thing about playing Riley I guess would be, this going to sound cheesy, but it is really the people I get to work with. I feel like as we went through the season all our characters got stronger and stronger and it was really cool to kind of find where you know each character would be each week. I think for this entire series the challenges grow more week-by-week; certain episodes call for more specific directions. As an actor it is really challenging and I admire that.

Ben: I don’t know if there is a favourite thing, I think it has been fun reconnecting with a lot of my old friends from the original series. It has been fun working with the same people again and I think the most fun thing has been seeing the response from our fans and from the audience. They have just been so heart warming and they have been so positive and supportive of the new show. I think that the best e-mails and messages that we have gotten from our fans who say they grew up with Boy Meets World and are looking forward to watching this new show with their own kids. So it is really kind of a passing of the torch to the next generation. That is not often that you could do something like that.

The Magazine: Rowan, Ben, and Danielle who plays Topanga, have done this before. Was there any advice he gave you before going into filming?

Rowan: Absolutely! I think it is much easier coming to this with people who were child actors and who obviously came out great. It is comforting knowing that I can go to them because they have been through the same situations. Definitely, I think there was lots of talk on how to stay humble. You know I am not saying it was easier in the 90’s, but I am saying I feel like there is a lot more social media. You can go online and read bad stuff about yourself and I think that Ben and Danielle have really made a point to kind of keep us away from the bad side of things and you know to keep it positive.

The Magazine: Watching the episodes it clear to see the great chemistry between everyone. What is it like on set?

Rowan: Everyday when I am working I get to work with my best friends and I think that is so important. It is really important to us that we built these true cast relationships and we weren’t just not friends when the director yelled cut. We really made a point to get to know each other and I think that really paid off. Since we had such a big amount of time between filming the pilot and filming the series, we made sure that during that pilot we got to know each other, we got to really become friends. It does read on screen and I think that is what makes are show very special.

The Magazine: Is there anyone on set who pulls any pranks or is constantly cracking jokes?

Rowan: Me! Ben can tell you. I tee-peed his room twice, single handily. I guess Sabrina and I are the main pranksters.

The Magazine: Girl Meets World just got renewed for a second season. Congratulations! Is there any storyline you would like to see continue on? Or any issue you would like to see addressed?

Rowan: Oh, gosh! One relationship that I would love to see go on, which you will see in some of the episodes that you will see in season one, is the Shawn and Maya relationship. I think that is something that is so special especially for Boy Meets World viewers.

Ben: I think that we write based on what is happening so I think it will be interesting to see how as the characters and the kids get older and grow up how we cater episodes to what’s going on in their own lives. I am just interested to see what happens! It’s kind of a fun roller-coaster and its always exciting to see what the episodes are going to be.

The Magazine: Is there anything you would like to say to your Canadian fans?

Ben: Thanks for watching the show! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it. I think that you are really going to enjoy that show!

Thanks Ben and Rowan!

Catch Girl Meets World on Family Channel every Friday at 7:00PM! Tune in Friday September 12th for a special Girl Meets World marathon. Hosted by the cast, the marathon starts at 5:30PM and airs an all-new episode at 7:00PM!


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