EXCLUSIVE Interview with China Anne McClain Star of HOW TO BUILD A BETTER BOY

By: Alexandria McLean | @itbalexandria 

China Anne McClain Interview

Fifteen-year-old China Anne McClain is a triple threat. She can sing, she can dance, and she can act. So far this summer China has been performing along-side her sisters in their group McClain. The A.N.T Farm star takes a break from singing, as she gets ready for the premiere of How To Build A Better Boy on Family Channel.

Playing Gabby Harrison, a super smart computer whiz, China could not be more excited that fans finally get to watch the film! We couldn’t be more excited either seeing as the movie was shot in our very own country, Canada!

The Magazine got the chance to chat with China about her character Gabby, and how she ended up getting soaked on her visit to Niagara Falls! 


What can viewers expect to see in How To Build A Better Boy?

They can expect to see a whole lot of action definitely, which is something I love about the movie. It is something that both boys and girls can enjoy. It’s a whole lot of action and also a lot of focus on Gabby and Mae and their friendship other than the “better” boys.  It’s a lot going on in the film but it’s all very interesting, and it’s all very fun. I like it because it’s a universal movie that I think an entire family can sit down and everyone can enjoy.

How would you describe your character Gabby?

Gabby is very very independent. She loves her best friend Mae so much and she thinks together they can concur the world. That was something I just loved about the character from the very beginning. Reading the script I was like okay, she is a very very strong and independent character and I want to play her and I want to bring her to life. That is a really cool aspect of the character that I always loved.

Are you similar or different to Gabby in anyway?

Yes! I am not tech savvy at all! We actually both have two totally different styles as well. She is a lot more colourful than I am and I am a little darker when it comes to clothing and stuff like that. I don’t really wear anything other than neutral coloured clothes and she is all pink and purple and stuff like that. We are totally different when it comes to that but we are totally similar when it comes to our personalities. We are both independent and I want to focus on my career before I jump into boys and stuff like that. We are similar when it comes to how we look at relationships and boys and all that.

If you could design your dream boy, what would he look like and what would his personality be like?

Oh my gosh, that’s a great question! I think he would be funny. He would be honest and respectful of me and his family and just a nice person in general to everyone. What would he look like? That’s a good one. He would definitely look like Justin Timberlake in his N’Sync days.

What was it like filming in Canada?

It was so much fun. Everybody in Canada was so nice and they were such cool people that I just really enjoyed being around everyone there, whether it was the crew or just random people I just met on the street. Everyone was just so cool. That was definitely the difference of working in Canada than working in LA. Everybody here is like “OMG HOW YA DOIN!” That was definitely my favourite part. Oh, Kelli and I had a blast exploring the street that we were on and where our hotel was. There were so many places to shop and eat and we all went to Niagara Falls as well, so it was so great shooting in Canada. So much fun!

What was the coolest/most exciting thing you did while you were here?

Like I said, going to Niagara Falls with the entire cast was a blast. We all went there on this huge party bus. We were all really loud and it was just fun being on that bus with everybody. By the time we got there we were all just running around and looking at Niagara Falls and exploring everything and learning different things about it. It was so much fun doing it all together!

Did you have a chance to go on the boat that takes you right beside the falls?

Yes! We actually did and it was so much fun. I had the little plastic hoodie on, and I was like “I haven’t got wet this whole time, let me take this off,” and right when I took it off, all this water blasted all over me. I was like “great timing China!” That was very interesting, and very fun as well.

Thanks China!

Make sure to tune into Family Channel at 8:00PM on August 15th to catch China as Gabby in How To Build A Better Boy.


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