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Sabrina Carpenter Interview

At only fifteen, Sabrina Carpenter has guest starred on Austin & Ally, released a debut EP and currently stars in the new hit Disney show Girl Meets World as Maya Hart.

Sabrina visited Canada back in August while she was a performer at Family Channel’s Big Ticket Summer Concert. Playing in an arena for the first time, Sabrina showed fans just how talented she is! Singing original songs and the theme song of Girl Meets World, Sabrina had the whole crowd clapping and swaying along to the beat.

The Magazine got the chance to sit down with Sabrina while she was in Canada to talk about Girl Meets World and the approaching release of her full-length album. She even told us about the pranks she pulled on set!


The Magazine: How would you describe your sound?

Sabrina: I would describe my sound as like, it sounds weird but probably as more of an organic pop, right now to begin with. I mean we are trying new things and I think that is the cool thing about music, there is no limits or boundaries to what you can do with it. Now that I am writing my own music, I like to put a lot of my influences into it. I love Christina Aguilera and I love Adele. It is kind of just my sound mixed with my influences.

The Magazine: Your album is coming out soon, what can people expect?

Sabrina: You can expect a lot of original material by me. I wrote half of the album, and I am very excited for the single especially because we found this amazing song that kind of just really speaks to what I want my genre to be right now.

The Magazine: The Middle Of Starting Over lyric video came out recently. What was it like shooting that?

Sabrina: It was fun! We had a great day. We kind of just went out in L.A with a camera like idiots but it was great! We recently did something else for Middle Of Starting Over too, which will be out soon.

The Magazine: Dream collaboration?

Sabrina: Oooh, probably my dream collaboration would be with Adele. Hmm, and if it were a boy I would say Bruno Mars or Michael Buble.

The Magazine: You performed in Halifax last night? How was that?

Sabrina: That was amazing! That was my first time performing in an arena, and the crowd response was something I’ve never seen before. It was really a great experience. It’s also a learning experience. I think the first time you do your first concert on tour, there is definitely little mess-ups that you learn from and can use for the next show. I guess it was kind of like our test show for today.

The Magazine: Is this your first time coming to Canada?

Sabrina: Actually, this is my third time in Toronto and I have been to Vancouver before. I love Canada!

The Magazine: Do you have any favourite things that you have done in Canada?

Sabrina: Oooh, that’s hard! Oooh, I got my first pair of heels here! As a girl, that’s a pretty big deal! I have done lots of fun things in Canada. I filmed in Vancouver and when I filmed there, it was beautiful. We did a lot of filming in the forest, which was cool. I love the weather here! It’s perfect. In L.A it’s too hot for me. I’d rather be cold, and wear a jacket with tights and stuff than have to be hot and wear shorts and stuff!

The Magazine: Congratulations on getting picked up for Season 2 of Girl Meets World! What’s it like working on the show?

Sabrina: Thanks! It’s been amazing! Honestly the first whole season has been one big learning experience. We learned so much as people and as actors. We worked with amazing writers, an amazing producer, and an amazing cast. We have so many of the original Boy Meets World cast, and throughout the season we had more of the original Boy Meets World cast come and guest star. We got to do some crazy things and test out the waters with our characters and learn more about them, and grow with our characters. It will be really fun to see what’s in store for season two.

The Magazine: You play Maya on the show; can you tell me about your character?

Sabrina: My character is Maya Hart. She is the troublemaker of life. The cool thing about her is she has got this guard around her. She has got this force field around her and I think that is why she has this tough sarcastic humor. She kind of uses that to hide over her family life. It’s cool and she is a really dimensional character, and she is really fun to play.

The Magazine: Are you similar or different to Maya in anyway?

Sabrina: Similar because we are both sarcastic and I think that is what helped me be comfortable in the role. It was just like playing myself aside from the part that she has not-the-best put together family. I have a great family, so that is kind of how we are different. But I think our humor…we have the same face too. We share that in common.

The Magazine: One of the best things about the show is that the chemistry is so clear to see. What is it like working with the cast?

Sabrina: It’s amazing! I can’t believe how fast we became a family in the past year. We spend way too much time together on and off set. I really have gotten to know them as people and I think that is really important in having really good chemistry. I think the shows that do have the best chemistry tend to go a little further and do a little better and I hope that helps us.

The Magazine: We got to speak with Rowan recently, and she told us that you and her pull pranks on set. What are some pranks you have pulled on set?

Sabrina: For Valentine’s Day we pulled this big prank on Ben, who plays Cory. We are always playing pranks on Ben. You know those funny Valentine’s Day cards? We printed out hundreds of those and stuck them all over his dressing room wall and there are still paper marks all over his wall when he was trying to get them off since we glued them. We did that and oh, I had this big prank war going on with Payton who plays Lucas. I kind of forget how it started, we are just kids so I think we just decided to start a prank war!

The Magazine: You were also on an episode of Austin and Ally where you played Lucy. How was that?

Sabrina: That was amazing! I had my hair temporarily red in that because I had just finished shooting a movie in Vancouver. When I came back I still had the red hair, and I got Austin & Ally. That was really cool! That was my first time ever on a Disney set, Disney show, so that was a great experience to work with the cast too! They are such a nice cast, and they are so professional on set which makes it really easy to work with them.

The Magazine: How was it reuniting with Calum?

Sabrina: Oh, it’s fun! He is always so funny. It is like no time passes when I am with him. It’s really cool.

The Magazine: Is there anything you would like to say to your Canadian fans?

Sabrina: Thank you so much for having me. I am so excited to meet everybody and I love you!

Thanks Sabrina!

Tune into Family Channel tonight at 5:00PM for a special Girl Meets World marathon hosted by the cast! Catch an all-new episode at 7:00PM!

All photos were taken by the writer, all rights reserved.


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