Hello, and welcome! I’m Alexandria McLean and this is my blog that features a little bit of everything.

IMG_4039I am a Radio and Television graduate from Ryerson University.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted a career in the entertainment industry. I started off wanting to be an actress, then a film editor, then a Much Music VJ. At the moment, I am not 100% sure what I want to do but I do know I want a career in live productions and/or children and teen entertainment.

At the age of four, my mom took me to my very first concert…THE BACKSTREET BOYS. Needless to say since then I have been a popular culture addict. When I was younger, I would edit together videos of my favourite celebrities and write fan-fiction. Some of these videos have over 45,000+ views on YouTube. As I got older I began to create my own music videos for my favourite songs. Over the past five years, I have interned in various aspects of the industry. I got to work as an office intern for Bristow Global Media and YTV’s The Zone, work on live productions such as The Marilyn Denis Show and Big Brother Canada, and cover events and interview celebrities for The Magazine.

Today, I am showing my love for popular culture by being an avid concert goer, live tweeting along to my favourite TV shows, and my personal favourite…writing about tween popular culture for my own website POPTakeover.

Want to contact me? Here is how.

Send me an email at itbalexandria@gmail.com.

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Stay up to date on all my daily adventures through my personal Instagram account, @itbalexandria or through by travel Instagram account @travellingbruntte.

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